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Apr 25, 2007 03:53 PM

red velvet cake

I am seriously craving red velvet cake. Does anyone know where I can get any in DC. I don't have a car and probably won't venture too far from NW, so I realize this search might be futile. If anyone has any suggestions, please share! Thanks!

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  1. The Harris-Teeter in Pentagon Row makes a pretty good one. Take metro to Pentagon City, walk through food court and garage. In plaza behind mall.

    1. For some reason I feel like they might have it at Busboys and Poets near U St. But I would call and ask first. (btw if you can't get the red velvet should def. try their chocolate layer cake...its AMAZING!!!)

      1. brown sugar on u street. yum

        1. I know you need metro but if you are ever in Alexandria, Buzz on Slaters has great Red Velvet cupcakes. Moist unlike most restaurant's cakes.

          1. Try Reeves Bakery at 13th and G NW (Near Metro Center). They are only open on weekdays until 6pm but have cupcakes that are quite good. Definitely better than Cakelove and probably better than what I had at Baked & Wired. Much cheaper too! I think they're 1.25 each. And they have a nice Red Velvet version.

            My wife and I tried about 5 different cupcakes. The best were the ones without a filling squirted in and thankfully Red Velvet falls in this category.