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Apr 25, 2007 03:10 PM

What to order at Absinthe?

Going for dinner soon with a group of 6 - any recommendations from recent (or not so recent) visits?

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  1. Oysters and steak frites :-)

    1. DRINKS !!! The food is alright - the drinks are great !!

      1. Ate there last Friday night. Both fish entrees (Skate and New Zealand Sea Bass, I believe) were very well received at our table. The pizza appetizer dissapeared very quickly, though I didn't eat any of it personally. I had the 1/2 a chilled crap which was excellent and a selection of their oysters, which were spectacular. My wife had the duck confit and loved it. Oh, and everyone enjoyed the fried chickpeas.

        As noted, the drinks are remarkable; some of the best cocktails I've had anywhere.

        1. when going french, go french, with french onion soup - one of those ethnic foods best eaten in a restaurant that makes a proper version.

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            2nd on the French onion soup. One of the best version I've ever tried, beating many in Paris' restaurants.

          2. I second the other posters. Solid oysters, french onion soup, steak.