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Apr 25, 2007 03:03 PM

Inn of the Seventh Ray

I'm planning to go soon. Any recommendations? Yays or Nays?

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  1. go for the ambiance...not the food...i've been disappointed by their food, but it's very pretty there.

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      1. re: yinyangdi

        Definitely. The most interesting thing about the menu is that it's listed in order of esoteric vibration (which means vegan first, then vegetarian, then fish and white meat, then red meat... I read the menu starting from the back). Their bread is terrible. The food's not bad, just the bread. The setting is why one goes -- the creek and the so-romantic sweetheart tables.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          anyone remember this place from 20 year ago or so? They have completely revamped the menu and made it more gourmet. It was so hippieish in the past.

          1. re: TastELA

            I remember..they had a great tuna melt on whole grain bread. IT was the first place I tried tofutti!

            THe Yaneys, who own the place, have definitely gone upscale in the past few decades.

            I do enjoy their Valentine's pre-fixe menu, and the brunch is really nice.

            The regular

            1. re: TastELA

              hey! hippie food is really good ... if it's done right. ;-)

              1. re: yinyangdi

                Too bad they don't do it anymore. the best hippie food is now at Follow Your Heart. Cheaper, too. But not as nice a setting

            2. re: Das Ubergeek

              I agree with the above - ambiance is the key here. Bread and most of the bakery goods are not very good (I've only been for brunch). Stick to the quiches, eggs, and veggies/fruit. The food isn't great, but I can't think of a restaurant in all of LA with an equally beautiful and tranquil setting.

        2. I went there for dinner on a birthday last year and I thought it was amazing. I especially loved their cheese plate.

          Also, I got the lack of ramb which was juicy and tasty.

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          1. re: mstinawu

            Oh yea, I also forgot to mention that their desserts are frickin' amazing though that may just be because they serve a scoop of lavender ice cream w/ almost all of them. They don't make their own ice cream though--I think they ship it in from somewhere..

          2. Like others have said, go for the ambiance. Wear some amethysts. I suspect that creek might be pretty dried up these days.

            1. Honestly, I find the menu yummy. You don't say if you're doing brunch, lunch or dinner.

              for brunch, get the all inclusive over the vegetaruian, so you get more options.

              For lunch, I like the cucumber avocado soup or the protabello apppetizer, the lentil salad, the seventh ray burger, the warm brown rice or the salmon or trout.

              For dinner, the chikpeas and squid (yes, squid, it works), the apple and persimmin salad (i'd like the scallop appetizer, but I have a nut allergy) the lamb, rabbit, rositto or salmon are god if the kitchen is really on (sometimes they dry out and overcook the salmon),

              I avoid the raw food, because they keep slipping damned nuts in everywhere!

              For dessert, my husband likes the crisp (nuts in the crust makes it bad for me!) I like the sorbets, ice creams or lemon ricchota cake. frankly, we often skip dessert and go elsewhere!

              1. YOU MUST GO!!! They have a new chef (new menu for 4 weeks now), Jake Rojas. He was executive sous-chef at Joel Rubichon at the MGM before, worked with Alan Ducasse before that. The food has truly improved. The owner has a lot of spiritual beliefs and dietary restrictions, so there is no butter, sugar, pork, chocolate, and a lot of other restrictions which make it hard as a chef. But Jake has come through!!

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                1. re: kotra

                  Are you saying there is no sugar or chocolate used in any of their dishes anymore?

                  1. re: kotra

                    Heck yes they use butter, sugar and chocolate. The new chef has been there for a while now.

                    They offer food WITHOUT butter sugan and chocolate.

                    I used to know the ower, Lucy Yaney, well. Yes, she has intertesting spiritual beliefs (like the time her group went into the underground bunker to survive the Apocalypse and return to claim the earth as God's Chosen ones) and some of them help her find a direction to her menu, but she is also very business savvy, and would never go too far.