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Apr 25, 2007 02:56 PM

Asheville - short report

Loved the Laughing Seed. I had the Raw Tapas plate: salad, gaspacho, hummus, crudities, raw ice cream. It was all wonderful. We may go back tonight.

Liked Doc Chey's. Tasty, friendly, cheap.

Had an appetizer at the Flying Frog. Very good.

Our favorite was the Caterina Trattoria, just north of I-240 exit 5, behind the Exxon station. Slow-food, hand-made, home-made, Northern Italian. I'm surprised I had not seen it mentioned on this board. We went on the recommendation of locals. Everything was delightful.

We did not have a bad experience in Asheville.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed. You need to come back, you barely touched our great restaurants!

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    1. re: catsailor

      Catsailor is right. You've barely scratched the surface of good Asheville eats. Brunch at Limones is a MUST--and that's just for starters! As for Caterina Trattoria, I haven't tried it but am curious after viewing the menu online. (Always seems to get mixed notices here, however.)

    2. glad you enjoyed some of our restaurants and especially that you had a good experience at Caterina. The general consensus among most locals is that it used to be better when it was downtown. We've had one too many disappointing meals there and won't go back.