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Geoffrey's is BACK!!! In Roslindale Village!!!

I saw an ad for them in The Dig and I was so happy and surprised!! They're in Roslindale Village on Washington Street apparently. I was hoping they'd resurface. Has anyone been?? They opened on April 23rd the ad said. They're going to do brunch on weekends too. Woo hoo. That was always a fun thing to go to. Anyhow, I'd love to hear if anyone has gone and how it was.

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  1. i just heard about this earlier this week...i don't think they've opened yet, but don't quote me on that! i am SO HAPPY that Salute is gone (the place they're taking over); that was hands-down the worst Roslindale dining experience i've ever had. so what's the scoop on Geoffrey's? sounds like it's good?!

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      I used to go when it was in the Back Bay, but before that (before I moved back to Boston), it was in the South End, in two different locations if I'm not mistaken. I remember something like they weren't allowed to renew their lease or something and they ended up finding the place in the Back Bay (where BarLola is now). Then I think the owners got in a fight and one of them (not Michael) stayed and operated the Dartmouth Cafe and Michael, not sure what he was doing. Michael, one of the previous owners and the life partner of the late Geoffrey, is running this one in Roslindale w/ another guy. I remember Michael from when I used to go to the Back Bay location and he used to talk to us and was gracious all the time to us. I'm just glad they're back and can't wait to go!!! It was always a fun place to go.

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        I should also note that it was a place that had it's haters and lovers. Everytime I personally went, I had a good meal, but I think some people who went said otherwise. Maybe I lucked out, but who knows. I did enjoy it there.

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        I only went once but it was a disappointing experience at Salute. Never went to the Back Bay Geoffrey's but am psyched to see it come to Roslindale.

      3. oh, I used to go to the south end location all the time, back when i was a wee teenager! i LOVED it. i used to always get some big cakey dessert, too (anyone know where they got their cakes from, if they made then in house...?)

        Then I went once to the back bay location after the south end closed and it just wasn't the same. lifeless, basement-y. I hope roslindale suits them well. I remember the original geoffrey's so fondly.

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          I also have fond memories of the Geoffrey's on Tremont St in the South End, now Mela. . .I can almost conjure up some of the tried and true dishes they served there. It was a regular meeting spot for me and lots of friends and neighbors. The 2nd Comm Ave location was definitely disappointing if you were hoping for the South End incantation. Roslindale diners are in luck with a great neighborhood place if Geoffrey's is returning to its culinary/service standards.

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            Geoffreys got at least some of their cakes from Sweet Endings in Watertown, The bakery has since burned down and the owner movered to Vermont



          2. walked by this morning--signs on the window indicate that it is indeed now open--that was a FAST turnover! i'll try it soon and report back!

            1. That's so funny--we were on Washington Street in Roslindale last night and as we were driving toward JP, we started talking about Geoffrey's and whether they were ever going to re-open in another spot. We probably drove right past the new location as we were talking about it.

              As Buck Murdock said in Airplane, Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes....

              1. We went for dinner last night. We haven't been to any previous incarnation of this restaurant so I can't compare quality but overall, we had a decent meal at an excellent price. I had the 'amazing steak tips' (their name on the menu, ~$13) which were quite good with a side of decent mashed potatoes and grilled zuchini. I don't eat zuchini and I was told they had nothing to substitute so my wife ate the zuchini and told me it was good.
                My wife had the quiche and tomato basil soup combo. The soup was excellent and but the quiche (spinach tomato I think) was nothing special. The portions were quite large and the service was attentive - clearly still learning but everyone was trying hard.
                The desert menu ($6 each) looked excellent so we decided to each get one instead of sharing. I had the 'worlds best carrot cake' which was nothing special unfortunately and my wife had the white chocolate rasberry cheesecake which was also nothing special. The desert portions are enormous and are currently living in my fridge for an afternoon snack.

                The place was nicely lit and comfortable with 2 dining rooms, one with a bar and TVs as well as a nice looking (it was cold and rainy last night) fenced in patio with a bunch of tables. Surprisingly busy for a restaurant that just opened - when finished around 730, the first dining room and bar were full with 2 tables used in the back dining room.

                The brunch menu looked pretty standard but is open for brunch 8-4? Sat and Sun so we might try it soon. Hopefully they will continue to improve, we'll be back. We'll probably go elsewhere for desert next time though.

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                  Nice report! Roslindale must be full of very hungry people, judging from the portion sizes at most places there. I have to wonder what menu-writers are thinking when they use phrases like 'the world's best" and "amazing". It's the same kind of bad idea as naming your place "Mom's" (which to my mind would indicate that they specialize in canned-soup casseroles and overcooked vegetables).

                  Does the new Geoffrey's have a full liquor license? I assume they took over Salute's, but I never got over there.

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                    yes, full liquor license. i am excited to try it though i'm always a bit leery to go to places when they first open. this report is really encouraging. salute was pretty horrible so you didn't miss much!

                2. A group of us ate there last night. Here's my thoguhts:

                  THE GOOD
                  The pork chops. Good flavor and served with some very tasty mashed sweet potatoes.

                  The seven vegetable couscous was also very good. It was almost like a stew (if it had more liquid) with the veggies on top of Israeli couscous.

                  Don’t miss the homemade mozzarella cheese sticks – rather large and with a thick and crumbly coating.

                  The martinis. Try the mangotini – not too sweet, with good flavor – and a bit of a kick. Someone else at the table had a different one and liked it, but I don’t remember what it was.

                  The service. Very friendly and helpful.

                  The prices. Entrees were $9 to $14 dollars. Very reasonable. When we got the check, one of us said, “Are you sure that’s right?” The seven of us ate and drank well for about $200.

                  The portions. You won’t leave hungry. If you order a desert, you will probably need to split it. The carrot cake is close to ridiculously large – it could be reasonably shared by four people.

                  THE OKAY
                  The calamari - a bit overcooked and tough (I have tried the fried calamari in dozens of restaurants in Boston and Jame’s Gate has by far the best – they give it a light coating that doesn’t overwhelm the calamari and they cook it for a very short amount of time, so it is never tough. BTW, does anyone else find the bar side of the Gate - which I love, superior to the restaurant side?)

                  The wild mushroom and spinach lasagna. It was bland, with the spinach and mushroom flavors overwhelmed by cheese. It needed some kind of zip – extra garlic or red pepper with the shrooms and spinach? Or maybe some oregano or basil? It was served with a very interesting carrot-tomato sauce. It looked like a normal tomato sauce, but it had a distinct flavor of cooked carrots. I think I liked it, and will definitely play around with it at home.

                  THE BAD
                  The seared sesame tuna appetizer. It was overcooked – just a hint of pinkness inside – and completely flavorless. It the very least, it could have used some salt.

                  WRAP UP
                  It was hit and miss. Most dishes were fair to good, but none of us was bowled over.

                  So, would we go back? Yes, though we will probably wait until they have a new menu. Why bother? First, they’ve just been open for a week and maybe things will click better once they get settled down. The main reason, though, is because of the service. To me, good service elevates decent food, while bad service destroys good food (which is why we will never go back to Café D – we had a new, inept waiter, which is sometimes excusable, and an utterly dismissive manager, which is inexcusable). Geoffrey’s may not be worth a drive from Watertown, but if you’re in the area, you should give it a try. It's decent food at a good price. Overall, we had a good experience.

                  P.S. They're open to 1am every(?) night and serve until midnight.

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                    Thanks for all of the reports everyone. When I used to go in the days they were in the Back Bay, I'd have said similar things. It was never a place that you'd go for AMAZING food, but it was always a fun place to hang out, have some comfort food w/ friends, and be treated well by the staff. They were always friendly and I agree, that elevated the experience. It was mostly a place I'd go w/ friends to hang out, have a drink or two and maybe split a meal or apps. The desserts as I recall, I'd have to take home as they were so huge!! Anyhow, I'll give them some time to work out the kinks and then I'll go over. Thanks again everyone.

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                      Oooh you have to try the chocolate martini and the espresson martini - they are fab and I really hope they have the black orchids again - they are amazing.

                    2. We went over to Geoffrey's last night. It was our second visit, with service and the cool outdoor seating being the primary draw. Our food was great - Artichoke & Spinach dip was very cheesy and the chips were crisp. I had the chicken a la michael (or something like that) - chicken w/sun dried tomatos, spinach, and a rich garlicky sauce over fettucine) - very rich, and as a garlic lover I thought it was delicious. My SO had the bacon cheeseburger - nearly as good as Zon's (which is high praise from him!) We ended with carrot cake - that was the only disappointment. Bland and dry - although a hugh portion. Our service was wonderful. Can't say enough about how friendly and attentive they are there. We will definitely head back there!

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                        To me, Geoffrey's is a bit like Zon's with outdoor dining. I really like them both. I'm very glad they are back once again!

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                          Went once to Geoffrey's and LOVED it. Good, simply-prepared food in a very relaxed, casual, friendly atmosphere...reasonably priced. Loved that outdoor patio esp the sign that said "Dogs welcome..." Looking forward to going back soon and trying that burger.

                      2. They just opened up down the street from me which I was excited about seeing as I was a close neighbor when they first opened up in the back bay. For the first year there it was a favorite watering hole for my friends and I....Always a new kind of martini to try from one of what I considered one of the best bartendressess around. I think something went wrong after awhile b/c it seemed to go a bit down hill, which was dissappointing. So, needless to say, I was extacic when I saw they were opening up again. Maybe the 3rd time will be a charm...was my initial thought. The decor and waitstaff were great as I expected, however, the drink and food menu seemed a little blase. Some of my old favorites were on there and I couldn't wait to get the mashed potatoes I had remembered...However, something went drastically wrong with that classic of theirs. They tasted like they had been leftover from yesterday and just reheated. I mean we all know budgets are tight when you first open, but come on! How much does a potato really cost you??? After dinner, my partner and I decided to have a cocktail before meeting up with our friends. While the bartender was FANTASTIC eye candy, his actual eyes became glazed over with a look of bewilderment when I asked for my old Geoffreys Back Bay favorite Black Orchid Martini. If anyone else ever had one, you know what I'm talking about and missing!!!
                        Needless to say, we drank up quickly and found our way to door and bid adieu.
                        Overall the new Geoffreys reminds me of a ultra cute gym bunny...something you have for one night, but not enough substance to build a relationship with!

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                          Oh Thom - I too was a regular at the Back Bay Geoffrey's! I feel exactly like you - maybe my expectations are too high - the food was never outstanding but it was ALWAYS a fun place - and are you talking about the well endowed bartendress - Wendy I think her name was. She was great! She always had something new and yummy up her sleeve. Made me a fab shot for my 40th birthday party - I was really touched that she went to the trouble for me. Made me a regular there until the day she left. But without her there - its just a so-so place and there's plenty of places to go for so-so food.

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                            I was a huge fan of Geoffrey's when it was in the South End and was so disappointed when it closed. I went to Geoffrey's in Roslindale last week and it felt like no time had passed. The food was still great, the prices incredibly low, the service friendly and efficient, the portions generous. The only quibble is that is it NOISY there. We sat at a table near the front of the restaurant and we had to shout (not kidding) to hear each other. We mentioned this to the waitress who said she'd mention it to the manager. Other than that, I adore Geoffrey's!

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                        2. Hi went last night and was not impressed! Had the artichoke dip (wallpaper paste, unspeakable); sausage appetizer (mystery meat, lots of grit); steak tips (bland, not good meat). On the positive side, good drinks and outdoor seating, nice neighborhood vibe.

                          1. We have been to Geoffrey's two times: Once for brunch and once for a small meal at the bar on a Sat. nite.

                            Both times the food was really good and the waitstaff was attentive.

                            One big non-food complaint: The disco music is much too loud and annoying.