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Apr 25, 2007 02:46 PM

dinner for 3 girls saturday night in the ev or les

I am meeting up with 2 good friends for dinner on saturday. We're all in our 20s so we don't want anything too formal. We want to stay in the east village or could venture to the les. My lazy friend lives on 3rd and c, so anywhere near her is great. Here's the catch. One of us can't have tomatoes and tomato sauce, so that excludes most Italian. The other hates all risky or "weird" Asian food. A place like shillers, minus the huge scene and the wait, would be a perfect fit. Any ideas?

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  1. try public or barmarche. If you aren't set on the location, lure fishbar is great in Soho. I agree about the atmosphere at schillers... so annoying

    1. My girlfriend also has a tomato allergy, so I feel the pain of trying to find things for her to eat. If you like seafood, Bondi Road (LES) is pretty good and fun but not formal.

      1. I would check out: cafecito, Mercadito, Barrio Chino, EU, Freeman's

        1. Cafecito is good for mellow close by. Not really like Schillers. Freeman's is a slam dunk but no ressies so be prepared to wait. BArmarche in Nolita is not bad. I always like Five Ponits which is like EV's Union Square Cafe.

          1. The original comment has been removed