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Apr 25, 2007 01:47 PM

First thing you made with your new stand mixer?

I can't wait to get home. My KA stand mixer (pro 5 plus or something like that, with a 475 w metal motor) arrives today. I want to make something with it right away! What did you do? Thx

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  1. Yeah, I just got mine as well as a wedding present. I've used it everyday for a week now. The first thing I made was an Italian Olive Oil cake. I used it for the frosting as well. It really made a big difference. The cake was great.

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      I got mine around Christmas time and the first thing I made was divinity. It's very hard to make without a stand mixer, and it's really simple with one. Pretty much everything is easier with a kitchenaid. You will love it!

    2. I went on a cookie frenzy! First I made Nestle Toll House cookies, then a couple of different biscotti recipes. By the time the frenzy was over, I had 17 different kinds of cookies in the house.

      1. Mine was new about 17 years ago, I probably made bread.

        1. I think I made a cheesecake the first time. I use it all the time even though I don't bake much because I use it to make mashed potatoes.

          1. Brownies; my adaptation of Alton Brown's cocoa brownies which you can find on the foodnetwork site. Wonderful stuff and so easy with the KA mixer.

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              It's here it's here it's here it's here!!!!! I'm going to tear open the box right now. Huge rave for Amazon's "supersaver shipping." I ordered the thing 4 days ago with free shipping, which was supposed to come any time between now and May 16. It came now!

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                You're probably in baking heaven right now! I have the same model you got. I made brownies first--kind of silly because those are SO easy to make without a mixer. Then I made cookies. Then the first cake I had made in YEARS!

                Have fun!