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Apr 25, 2007 01:45 PM

Mariachi Bands

Are there any good Mexican restaurants that feature Mariachi bands? If so, when and where?

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  1. Nuevo Leon features Mariachi Relampago on Friday nights and La Feria features the same group on Thursday nights. Relampago is an 8 piece band probably the best in Austin.

    A new an group on the scene is Mariachi En Fuego they just started playing at La Terraza Grill & Bar. This group is a 8 piece and they are young, energetic and very entertaining. Most of the group members were part of the program that Travis High School has.

    Mariachi Garibay is an 6 or 8 piece I think they just lost a few members. But they play at Azul Tequila.

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks, this is great! Do you know the times when Relampago plays?

      1. re: brattpowered

        They all normally all start around 7:30pm until 9 or 10.

      2. re: austingirl75

        I once lived just across Lamar from La Feria in a small apt. My dog and I were serenaded ever Thursday and some other weekend nights by the group there. THey sounded like a lot of fun, except when trying to sleep :)

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          La Feria-great mariachi band, terrible restaurant. I'm basing this on one visit years back which carries a rather dubious memory for me, but that experience has stuck with me. The service was godawful and the food was not much better. I even remember how our server came by late in the meal to see how everything was, and my reply was, "meh". She really didn't even know how to respond and just turned around uncomfortably and walked off. On a positive note, the mariachi band was really good....

        2. Azul Tequila on either THU or FRI evenings...can't remember which night.

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          1. don't look for the good mariachis in won't find them there!!!
            the only thing worse than a restaurant with bad mariachis is a BAD restaurant with bad mariachis...

            1. I've seen mariachis many times at Los Comales on E. 7th. You'd have to check with them about which nights they are there because I can't recall but Fri/Sat is probably a good bet. Good food - especially the grilled meats, and they have homemade corn tortillas.