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Hosting a Communion party with guests arriving at 4:00. Was thinking about serving a spiral ham but am at a loss for creating a creative dinner buffet. I own several chafing dishes and could do some hot things as well....would appreciate any ideas. Thanks!!!!!

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  1. Put your spiral-cut ham out with a sharp knife, next to a basket of small rolls cut partway through; put several kinds of mustard nearby, and let people make themselves little sandwiches. People love this. Have a huge big pot of baked beans (canned pork & beans plus ketchup and brown sugar, with bacon and sliced onions on top). Also: a big bowl of potato salad, coleslaw, any other cold salads you like---green bean salad, tossed green salad, marinated cucumbers etc), at least one kind of jello salad, celery stuffed with cheese, deviled eggs, pickled beets, olives & pickles, etc. Is this trendy and fashionable? No. Will people like it? Yes. Also, you can do most of the cold salads a day or two ahead and refrigerate them. Your aim here is to overwhelm people with a glorious spread of picnic-y food. Have a few different cakes, brownies etc for dessert.

    1. I like mac n cheese or au gratin potatoes with ham - something cheesey. And I would have some nice roasted veggies and some finger foods.

      1. wonderful suggestions so far. I love pineapple grilled. If you can find a few sweet fresh pineapples, core and slice into rings and lightly grill with EVOO.

        cranberry goes well with ham, maybe a cranberry/orange relish as a condiment.

        Roasted veggie platter (tri-color peppers perhaps, zucchini, mushroom caps)

        Stuffed mushrooms...hmmmm...with roasted veggies and/or cheese melted...

        don't forget to enjoy yourself!

          1. How about a great big tureen of steaming soup to go with the sandwiches? A nice potato cheddar, or leek, or a bisque.... nice and easy to prepare ahead. Accompany with shredded cheese, croutons, minced scallions, oyster crackers, etc.

            1. I absolutely concur with ham idea. If you're up to it, make homemade biscuits (otherwise, buy some different options of breads & rolls). For a Southernish take, lentil or black bean or black eyed-pea salad would be a nice side with this. So would cooked greens like collards or mustard greens or creamed spinach.

              1. Since my family is a bit plain the side I make with ham are potatoes anna, lima beans, corn, hard rolls, and if company is coming then a simple tossed salad also.

                They aren't big sandwich eaters, but I love the idea of just putting the ham out with rolls and mustard, etc. Yum! I would be in hog heaven!

                1. If you are not looking to serve an "upscale" menu- this is just the thing. It is a mid western casserole dish that has- yes- canned soup- but I whenever I have served it, everyone asks for the recipe. Go figure. The only person who teased me about it, was a friend who is a chef- but he dug right in with the rest of them.- Here you go

                  Cheesy Potatoes

                  1 package Ore Ida frozen hash brown
                  grated onion
                  1 container sour cream
                  1 can cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup
                  1 stick butter, melted
                  16 ounces sharp cheddar cheese
                  mix together, and top with crushed corn flakes. bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.

                  1. I second the idea for something cheesy with the ham. I always serve scallopped or AuGratin potatoes. You can make in advance and just bake before the party. They are always a big hit because it isn't something people make for themselves on a regular basis - and they tast so yummy! Also if you want to serve fruit, I just made kabobs with cubed fruit for a party and the kids loved them. Good luck.