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Apr 25, 2007 01:32 PM


Looking forward to it. Any suggestions on what shouldn't be missed? Any input is appreciated.

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  1. The general take on these boards and amongst friends is that the quality of fish at SS is not particularly good. It seems to be more about a festive vibe and free-flowing cocktails. The one on 7th Ave in the Village is alleged to be awful, but people appear to be having fun there.

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    1. re: sing me a bar

      the one on park is pretty terrible too. i had white specks on my salmon when i went for a business dinner.

      1. re: sam1

        Salmon often does have fat that appears as specks. That said, I still would go anywhere other than SS.

      1. Well, I took the chip off my shoulder, and managed to have a really good time in my one visit to Sushi Samba (West Village location). Loved the flash-fried tiny crabs... had some fun maki, delicious huge peruvian corn kernels, and some tasty not-too-sweet cocktails. It's too much money for what it is, and I don't think it's to be taken too seriously, but I'm looking forward to a good, fun second experience at some point.

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        1. re: danoots

          I've heard good things and bad. More so looking forward to the good time and those tiny flash fried crabs. Thanks for the replies.......Oh and let's not forget the cocktails..... hopefully the very many cocktails

          1. re: angelo04

            just an update, have to say everything from the meal to the service to the drinks to the atmosphere were outstanding. Pricey, yes but expected. The flavors were fresh and vibrant. Certainly no complaints and glad I took the negative comments with a grain of salt. The ceviche and tartare dishes were superb. The soft shell crab roll was one of the best I've ever had. To each his own, I guess.

            1. re: angelo04

              I've never been to the Sushi Samba in NYC but we have the sister branch down here in Miami. Perhaps because there are so few good sushi restaurants here, we do enjoy our Sushi Samba here. Yes, a bit overpriced for the level but not bad considering that there are many worse places out there. Favorite of mine include the Calamari Appetizer, which is one of the best calamari I've had around. The Tuna Tataki is pretty good too. Ceviche and Tiraditos are a bit tiny but tastefully done. The sushi itself is good, though not quite on the same level as the traditional Edo-Style sushi places around, but good in an asian fusion/designer roll sense. And of course, the scene is fun and lively. Glad you were able to enjoy your experience there.

              1. re: angelo04

                I also have enjoyed the food and cocktails at SS. Maybe I get lucky when I go there in terms of the food - but I've found that posters are overly critical of SS. It is loud and expensive - but you really can't beat the fun atmosphere. I've never had a bad piece of sushi and I especially like the ceviche dishes as well. The only complaint I ever have is that they are very inaccurate with their reservations (i.e. reservation at 8:00 and don't sit until 8:45).

                1. re: Briek

                  My feeling is it was really good for what it is. It is isn't traditional sushi and thus shouldn't it be comapred to a good high end traditional sushi place. I think that's part of the reasone why it gets bashed. I would go back in heartbeat.

          2. Seabass miso skewers (comes w/Peruvian corn) and Yellowtail tiradito.
            There are places with better food - but these are my favs when I go