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Apr 25, 2007 01:19 PM

Dinner by Kansas City Int'l Airport (MCI)?

I'm flying into MCI this Sunday evening from SF and driving down to Joplin. Any suggestions on where I can grab dinner? No restrictions other than a desire to see what the area has to offer.

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  1. How committed are you to staying near the airport? I say that because the KC airport is way, way out of town, on its northernmost fringe. Although there are a number of good restaurants near the airport, they are mostly chains or outposts of local chains with better locations further in. I know someone will argue with that, speaking up for their particular neighborhood favorite. But I think most people would I don't think there is much there that would be considered the best the city has to offer. And especially since you have to drive right through downtown to get to Joplin.

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    1. re: heatherkay

      Let me clarify -- I'll drive to anything so long as it's on my way from KC airport to Joplin. Thanks!

      1. re: heatherkay

        IXTAPA has great mexican and is right off of I-35 and Barry Road (across from Zona Rosa). I also enjoy the Malay Cafe, which is off of Barry Road, east of I-35 in a strip mall with a Pier 1...

      2. Where are you staying? Are you locked into a hotel near the airport?

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          Don't go to Piropos!! I've been there several times with bad experiences and yet gave it a try over and over again. They single handedly ruined my 3rd wedding annniversary. The food was bad, the service was even worse! The server spilled red wine on my new dress, snickered and said, "oops." and walked away. I also ordered the special, which was a lobster and kobe steak combo. It was well-cone, I asked to get a knew one and then the server said there wasn't another one and tough luck and walked off. I give restaurants the benefit of a doubt, but this was ridiculous. This was my 5th bad experience there and have written it off for good.

          1. re: chinkymonkey

            I've only been to Piropos a couple of times, but both times I had good service and excellent food.

          2. re: steveb

            In Joplin. Any suggestions for Joplin?

          3. I have not been to Piropos, but many people rave about it. I understand it is Argentinian food, perhaps someone on this board can comment on it. It is located a mere 13 minutes from the airport (according to Mapquest) in Briarcliff Village Shopping Center. Check out
            If you are a dessert eater, check out the Pastery Goddess in the same shopping center. Everything there is great!
            As someone else said, if you are not limited to the airport area, there are many wonderful choices in KC.

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            1. re: amy_rc

              I ate Piropo's two weekends ago and it was the best meal/experience i've had at a KC restaurant. Pricey, but outstanding. I'll be back as soon as possible.

            2. I don't know what time you're coming in, and this is way too easy of an answer if it's not too late, but Arthur Bryant's is about 5 minutes off 71 on your way too Joplin. What KC has to offer is BBQ, and while many would argue about whether Bryant's is *the* place to go, it's no doubt an institution. I was there a few weeks back, and everything was spot on.

              Only problem is they close at 8 on Sunday, and it's possible that, even if you made it at 7, say, you may be getting not the freshest product.

              Beyond that, I second what heatherkay says.

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              1. re: Aaron Deacon

                Thanks! My plans were moved to Monday so I'll definitely go to Arthur Bryant's.

                1. re: Aaron Deacon

                  I went to Arthur Bryant's today. It was delicious! I ordered the rib ends because the lady in front of me ordered it. It was deliciously charred. Even the white sliced bread was nice. The nice was nice and spicy. Is there a hotter sauce?

                  I plan to try Jack Stack's on my way back to the airport.

                  1. re: yehfromthebay

                    Yes, they have a couple sauces, but it's been a while and don't remember details. Someone?

                2. Piropos is great but a little more expensive. But if thats what you are after, Trezo Mare is also in the same area and is a spanish seafood restaurant that is consistantly good. Bo Lings is also close (zona Rosa) and is a well regarded chinese joint that is more casual that the aforementioned but upscale for chinese. In the same shopping center, on the other side is a good Indian Restuarant ( Winsteads hamburgers are also close by. The burgers are razor thin but for some reason I love em. Great shakes and onion rings. Be sure to get a double or triple burger if you go.