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Apr 25, 2007 01:14 PM

INdo- chinese locations

I have had indo-chinese food in NYC,does anyone know of any places in centra n.j.

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  1. abigjudge:

    Where in Central N.J. do you mean? Indian Chinese is pretty popular out here.

    1. If you have had Tangra in Queens, there are Nanking, Ming, and Chopstix in central nj - all are indo chinese i beleive.

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      1. re: rabs

        I am also looking for Indo-Chinese food, but in South Jersey (I live in Philadelphia where there doesn't seem to be any Indo-Chinese food unfortunately). I'd like to go this weekend so any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

        1. re: Lotus7

          A few places come to mind:

          Meemah, in Edison NJ and Princeton, NJ. It is Chinese-Malaysian, but as well know, Malaysian has strong Indian influences.

          Ming, in Edison, NJ - Far Easte cuisine with a desi touch.