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Apr 25, 2007 01:13 PM

Mother's Day Brunch in Pasadena

Any suggestions on the best place for Mother's Day Brunch in Pasadena. I have heard tale of several options, but I am looking for great food, great ambience and I don't want to dip into my daughter's college fund. LOL

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  1. It'll be a zoo. Maybe the Ritz Carlton?

    1. The Raymond House on Fair Oaks - A lovely Craftsman house converted into a cal-cuisine restaurant. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

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        Thanks, I'll try and see which I am able to get reservations for.

      2. Like any other holiday events, prepare for a packed house. I agree that hotel places (Ritz) and off-the-path joints like the Raymond will have it a little more under control.

        Julienne's and Maison Akira are also nice options, provided they aren't booked to capacity.


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            Go to the Ritz in Pasadena but first get a cash home equity advance.

            I'm sure Pasadena will be similar in price but the Ritz in Laguna is at, YIKES, $110 a head this year. I have not been in two years but this has always been for me the rolls royce of brunches (Four Seasons is a close second). A great periodic extravagance. I cant wait!.

            Oh, the unlimited premium vodkas (in prior years) in addition to the Champange can make up value very quickly

        1. Maison Akira... and a bit less expensive to start than the Ritz - (tho' no denying that the Ritz is the master of brunch!) Reservations - better move quickly.

          1. Things are really booked up. I called the Ritz and the only opening is too late in the day for me. I think the Ritz is over rated anyway especially now that they raised their prices. The Raymond had tables for two left and if I remember Maison Akira had a late one open. You might want to try the Huntington Library. They have room for the Brown Lawn Brunch. It is $70 plus admission ($15). They have a menu posted on their web site. The menu does not excite me but it will at the very least it should be pretty. At this point I am happy to have anything booked. When I called they had opening for 10:45 (I took one of them) and 2:00 (or was it 2:30?). He was starting to make call backs when I called this morning around 9:30 so if you are interested you better call soon. (626) 405-2249.

            A cheaper alternative is Twin Palms($35?). They had a 10:00am reservation open and maybe on later on, I cannot remember. I have not eaten there so I cannot comment on the food. (626) 577-2567

            You might want to try ll Fornaio (626) 683-9797. They have a brunch that is not too expensive.

            Good luck!!!