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Mother's Day Brunch in Pasadena

Any suggestions on the best place for Mother's Day Brunch in Pasadena. I have heard tale of several options, but I am looking for great food, great ambience and I don't want to dip into my daughter's college fund. LOL

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  1. It'll be a zoo. Maybe the Ritz Carlton?

    1. The Raymond House on Fair Oaks - A lovely Craftsman house converted into a cal-cuisine restaurant. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

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        Thanks, I'll try and see which I am able to get reservations for.

      2. Like any other holiday events, prepare for a packed house. I agree that hotel places (Ritz) and off-the-path joints like the Raymond will have it a little more under control.

        Julienne's and Maison Akira are also nice options, provided they aren't booked to capacity.


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            Go to the Ritz in Pasadena but first get a cash home equity advance.

            I'm sure Pasadena will be similar in price but the Ritz in Laguna is at, YIKES, $110 a head this year. I have not been in two years but this has always been for me the rolls royce of brunches (Four Seasons is a close second). A great periodic extravagance. I cant wait!.

            Oh, the unlimited premium vodkas (in prior years) in addition to the Champange can make up value very quickly

        1. Maison Akira... and a bit less expensive to start than the Ritz - (tho' no denying that the Ritz is the master of brunch!) Reservations - better move quickly.


          1. Things are really booked up. I called the Ritz and the only opening is too late in the day for me. I think the Ritz is over rated anyway especially now that they raised their prices. The Raymond had tables for two left and if I remember Maison Akira had a late one open. You might want to try the Huntington Library. They have room for the Brown Lawn Brunch. It is $70 plus admission ($15). They have a menu posted on their web site. The menu does not excite me but it will at the very least it should be pretty. At this point I am happy to have anything booked. When I called they had opening for 10:45 (I took one of them) and 2:00 (or was it 2:30?). He was starting to make call backs when I called this morning around 9:30 so if you are interested you better call soon. (626) 405-2249.

            A cheaper alternative is Twin Palms($35?). They had a 10:00am reservation open and maybe on later on, I cannot remember. I have not eaten there so I cannot comment on the food. (626) 577-2567

            You might want to try ll Fornaio (626) 683-9797. They have a brunch that is not too expensive.

            Good luck!!!

            1. My wife had tea at the Huntington Library four years ago and was underwhelmed. She found the surroundings to be beautiful but the food to be overpriced and unimpressive, served on cheap chinette.

              It seems that it's past time for a Mother's Day rundown. The Ritz aside, do any hounds have experience with any of the brunches on this list?


              1. Call Greenstreet Restaurant (if they have any more openings..). Great family setting, awesome, huge salads, sandwiches, omelettes for brunch. Above all, very affordable.