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Apr 25, 2007 01:02 PM

San Diego - Desperately Seeking Pumpkin Waffles

Am hopping down to S.D. for the weekend from L.A. and remember having the best pumpkin waffles in Downtown S.D. at a little breakfast bistro. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Any other dining recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner while I'm down there?


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  1. Definitely would be Cafe 222 on 2nd and Island, down in the Gaslamp district.

    I'm sure someone else will recommend it, but around the corner on 4th and Market is CHIVE, which I always recommend for dinner to those in the area...

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    1. re: TheRoy

      Yes, Cafe 222 has the pumpkin waffles. There are tons of other recommendations on this board if you just do a search. Here's one recent thread, to which I contributed a list:

      I also have a list of places I like on my blog at - it's on the sidebar.

      Enjoy your trip!

      1. re: Alice Q

        I dragged my husband out of bed EARLY on Saturday morning so that we could drive down to S.D. (from South Pasadena) to get pumpkin waffles at Cafe 222. I was quite pleased.

        1. re: brattenheimer

          Wow, I'm impressed, that's dedication! I'm even more impressed that someone actually drove to San Diego for food :-D, but I'd agree, those pumpkin waffles at Cafe 222 are really, really good. The 5-grain waffles are pretty darn good too.

    2. Head north to North Park for The Linkery, Apertivo, Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria, Ranchos, and my favorite ultra-cheap eatery, San Diego Chicken Pie Shop. Another good breakfast place is Big Kitchen in South Park. These are the tip of the iceberg and there are plenty more restaurants in the area to try. Just a 5 minute drive from downtown (you can also take bus routes 7 and 15... check out for route info... and it won't take forever from downtown to NP). Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy is great, too.

      Roam the boards here, as the recommendations are incredibly extensive.

      1. Thanks, everyone. These are all great ideas!