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Apr 25, 2007 01:00 PM

Hazlet - Where to eat?

Going to be in hazlet on Friday afternoon for an appointment - where should I have an early dinner? Have no clue about the area at all!

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  1. Hazlet is a culinary wasteland. Your best bet is to head over to Keyport to Drew's Bayshore Bistro, where you can indulge in delicious Cajun/Creole-inspired cuisine.


    Here's the recent thread about Drew's:

    1. Three privately owned restaurants in Hazlet have closed in the last year. The most recent a very good Indian restaurant. Dh and I can't figure out why chains (and we're talking some truly old chains) remain but independents fail.

      What does come to mind is a Thai/Japanese restaurant called Aligado on Hwy 35 (across from Costco; just after Hazlet Hotel). They offer delicious dinner specials. We've been three times, always a delight!

      2780 Route 35
      Hazlet, NJ 07730
      Tel: 732-888-7568

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        Googling for a website, I found they have a page on Ardmore:

        Have you tried both sides of the menu, HillJ? Which dishes stood out?

        1. re: RGR

          Actually we do order from both sides of the menu and end up sharing. I tend to go for a seafood teriyaki while Dh goes for the Thai curry dishes but the last time we were there we shared several appetizers and left very happy.

          Tuxedo, if you are looking for a specific menu item the link RGR provides above includes a detailed menu view on the left side of the webpage.

      2. Do you want to eat in or close to Hazlet?

        I second the recommendation for Drew's Bayshore Bistro. On a Friday you should make a reservation.

        If you REALLY want to treat yourself, go to Nicholas in Red Bank. (It's really in Middletown on Rt 35.) If you're dining alone, you can sit at the bar.

        If you don't mind heading just a little farther north, try West Lake Chinese in Matawan on Rt 34. You can search list board for recent discussion and ordering suggestions.

        Here's a wild card...There's this is dive of a Chinese restaurant in a bowling alley on Rt 35 in Middletown. I've been meaning to write about it. The kitchen serves two restaurants. 1. the bowling alley snack bar (hotdogs, burgers, and vile lo mein). 2. a gloomy cocktail lounge with a cryptic chinese menu, serving all Taiwanese dishes. The place is always nearly empty. I've tried a few things. Some are good, others are just OK. I have a feeling there a couple things they do really well, and I would like to try those things. But the staff is unhelpful about the menu. They refused to let my husband order cow stomach soup until we loudly insisted. Indeed, the soup was stomach, not tripe.
        This place is at Harmony Lanes, on Rt 35 northbound, between Harmony Rd and Cherry Tree Farm Rd.

        Also, if you just want to grab a quick burger or hot dog, I recommend Jim's Burger Haven on Rt 36, just north of Taco Bell. The place doesn't look like much, but they make a perfect greasy bacon cheeseburger. The hot dogs are good... "Best" brand.