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Apr 25, 2007 12:59 PM

Good, Cheap Eats in SD?

Hello San Diego chowhounds,

This board has been a wealth of information for me in the past. I'm going to the west coast on business in 2 weeks and have convinced my budget-conscious husband to come along--as long as I promise not to spend too much money (we just bought a house)...Anyhoo, I'm looking for some recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and hey, if you've got a suggestion for a place to have a cocktail that'd be swell too!)--anything that is good eats, but won't break the bank (I would say lunch under $40 and dinner in the $50-$80 range). We're pretty open-food wise. Please help! I know there are hidden gems in LA, please help me find them!!


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  1. um. so you want help in LA? yet you address SD chow hounds? you might be better served addressing the LA chowhounds =) that might be the reason for no replies. But if you want SD, there are tonsss of posts on the front page about people talking about their favorite SD restaurants,

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      Actually, I'm going to be in San Diego & LA. I just mistakenly put LA in that last sentence there. So yeah, San Diego gems anyone?

    2. I think clayfu's links will provide plenty of information, but I have to give a shout-out to my favorite super-cheap eatery (I'll probably be shot for recommending it, but whatever): the SD Chicken Pie Shop. If you're looking for a quick and cheap meal, this place satisfies. It's on the corner of El Cajon Blvd. and Oregon St. and closes at 8pm. Cash only.

      I suggest it for an evening where you don't feel like doing much (maybe after a long day of meetings?) and just want to hang out at the hotel with some takeout. It's $6 for a big meal (plus dessert). Our favorite thing is getting it on Thursday nights and having it while watching My Name Is Earl, The Office, etc.

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      1. Well, if you ever drop by and see a woman in her 20s with a big Australian Shepherd waiting out front, that's me. BF and I walk the pooch over there, grab takeout, and go home to abuse our arteries.

        I call it "fabulous cafeteria" food. I'm sure half of it is from Sysco, but they do it so damn well. Yum.

        Edited to add: I don't know where the post I was replying to went... but there was a post before this one.

        1. re: geekyfoodie

          i went today.
          It was good for the price, a good amount of food. But my friend and i found the taste to be alright, very much like cafeteria food.

          Their fried chicken is rather interesting tho, it almost looks like shake and bake!

          1. re: clayfu

            The mashed potatoes dished with an ice cream scoop brings me back to school lunches. The gravy? We're lucky if it only contains broth, flour, and butter. ;) And maybe the fried chicken really is shake and bake.

            My favorite part about the chicken pies is that the crust stays so crispy, yet the inside is perfectly soupy with tender chicken. I don't even want to know how they got it that way.

      2. You might also get more responses if you let us know what part of San Diego you will be staying in and whether or not you have a car.

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          We will have a car and we're staying in La Jolla. We're planning on being all over the know, usual tourists, Point Loma, La Jolla Cove, Old Town, Balboa Park and Coronado. I actually have a few days to be a tourist before I have to start work. :)