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Apr 25, 2007 12:29 PM

Capogiro in NY

I had some of the best gelato of my life in Philly at Capogiro. Now that it's warming up, I have an unbelievable hankering for more Capogiro despite its devastating prices. Can anyone verify if the prepackaged capogiro sold at Whole Foods, Garden of Eden, Balducci's, etc. measures up to the stuff served at their cafes in Philly or specifically, what flavors hold up well under transport?

And if not, what is the best way to get to Bernard's in Long Island where they apparently have the only cafe outside of philly? I need some help folks, I am thinking of moving for this gelato!

Otherwise, I need some gelato that's just as good, made from locally grown ingredients as a replacement...Ciao Bella just doesn't cut it. Not as flavorful or intense.

Flavors like carambola con limone verde, madagascar bourbon vanilla, ginger sesame, pomegranate...oh, it hurts!!! Their madagascar bourbon vanilla is the first and only vanilla I've tasted that has real soul and depth, levels of flavor. Someone help me with my fix!!!

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  1. Agreed - capogiro is absolutely amazing. I wish they would open a branch in NYC because there's some good gelato here but I haven't had ANY that rivals capogiro (although otto is pretty yummy. cones is ok, but most of theirs is too sweet.). And no - I regret to say that I haven't had it in pinted and packaged form where it measures up. The good news is I have friends in Philly who will let me stay with them so I can get the fix. And the NJ Transit + SEPTA only costs $28 or so round trip. :) :)

    1. Never had Capogiro, so I can't say this is better, but it's awfully good:

      1. We wrote about the pre-packed pints they sell at Whole Foods ($10!), and we also got a chance to do some sampling of what they sell mail-order. In the end,we prefer the smaller-batch gelato you get in the shop in Philly or by mail. Nothing wrong with the Whole Foods product; it's just not a ten-buck treat, quite frankly.



        1. For interesting, audacious flavors of gelato & sorbetto, Capogiro in Philly is hard to beat. In the summer, though, for fantastic traditional Italian gelato go to the cart outside Osteria del Circo. They probably open in June, and prices are reasonable. It's the best gelato I've had in NYC.

          1. Ah, well, it's as I guessed. Time to go try some Cones and IG. And make some dates at the bar at Otto. Sadly my friend in Philly is going out of the country for the summer, so I will be missing the summer flavors. Maybe I can convince my partner to take a weekend trip to Philly for the proposal?

            Well, if I get the mail order, that's 6 pints instead of 2 roundtrips . . . hmm, cost benefit analysis.

            Well, reading nosher's reviews I've gotten so hungry I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to IG.