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Apr 25, 2007 12:26 PM

Recommendation for Chinese Restaurant - Vancouver

Need a recommendation for a good Chinese restaurant in downtown Vancouver for a large multi-generational family get-together of approximately 15. I'm going to have family there from Hong Kong so need a place that will at least meet their standards half-way. Thanks.

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  1. For large family gatherings, we've gone to the Victoria Chinese Restaurant in the Hyatt hotel for years. Best to call them to discuss a menu ahead of time. The chef is very flexible, and they've always kept their prices reasonable.

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    1. re: alau2

      My father took a large group there last night and said that it was terrible, and this was one of his standbys for these purposes. I don't know if it was just an off night.

      1. re: alex8alot

        Victoria is terrible, kirin or sun sui wah much safer.

        1. re: alex8alot

          Hm, that's too bad. It's been our standby forever too.

      2. kirin on alberni and bute - they make everything from scratch - it's delicious and they can definitely take care of a large group like that.

        i miss their food now that i live in calgary.

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        1. re: pants

          thx. is that pretty easy to get to from downtown vancouver?

          1. re: fteh

            Kirin is right downtown, one block towards the water from robson on bute and alberni street. There is also a location in richmond on westminster hwy but the downtown location has always been my favorite.