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Apr 25, 2007 12:01 PM

C- store food

Are there any C-stores in central Fl ,with good food, traveling the country i have had many good meals in ,small stores like this,excellent bbq,in Tx,and Mississippi,and hands down the best fried catfish i have ever eaten in a Chevron store in Tx ,so if it out there please enlighten me!,thanks.

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  1. A bit south of "Central Florida," but Midnight Farms in Palm City, on Martin Hwy just west of the Turnpike. Spanish ladies there make crazy Jamaican beef patties. Open 24 hrs, but the kitchen isn't.

    Bizzarro's in Suntree (north Melbourne), exit 191 off I-95, a couple of miles east on Wickham Road in the BP station at Baytree Drive. Insane NY-style pizza, huge slices, great white pie too. Not much seating, just two picnic tables.

    Somewhere on State Road 60 east of Lake Wales (but way west of any type of civilization) is a station, I want to call it Jimmy's (it was not a chain like Stuckey's), that had awesome chicken fingers, thick steak fries and boiled peanuts. Trashy food heaven. Sorry I can't be more specific about the name/location. . .

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      Thanks for the response,I'll make it a point to try those, must not be much in the way of good c-store food in the area,as you were the only response,thank you.

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        I thought Netmover had started a "best gas station food" thread a while back but can't find it.

        But if you search the board for gas station you'll find quite a few in SoFla, especially tapas in FLL.

        And give us some time. Not everyone replies in the first 45 mins. ;-)

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          In Miami off US 1 near Casola's pizza is El Carajo for tapas!