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Apr 25, 2007 11:43 AM

Andreoli - Italian Grocer

Andreoli's Italian Grocer
8880 E. Via Linda
Scottsdale, Az.
10 AM - 8 PM ( m-th)
10 AM- 9 PM (f and sat)

When I received a tip on an Italian deli from a New Yorker, I immediately freed up my next meal to check it out (well actually I was there at 9:30 AM peering in thru the window). Andreoli's is a venture by Giovanni, the former owner of Lecabaffi and Galileo, and this is not the typical red sauce, chicken parm, meatball joint that the Valley has plenty of (and I like a few of those).

The location is slightly west of the corner at Via Linda and 90th st, on the Via Linda side of the Fry's Marketplace center. If you are travelling west on Via Linda from 90th, right before the underpass is an entrance to the center and the brown building is the Andreoli's. Andreoli's sells various Italian staples: Pasta, anchovies, San Marzano tomatoes, cheeses, cured meats, house baked breads, pastries and beverages. The prepared foods include paninos, soup, salumi, pizzettas, salads and daily specials.

I sampled the following:

panino in porchetta - roasted pork, seasoned with garlic, fennel and black pepper $7.50

panino del tirolo - speck, pesto, tomatoes, and rucola $7.75

Both were good but I enjoyed the panino del tirolo a little more.

arancini alla catanese - rice stuffed with Bolognese and peas, breaded and fried $5.00

pizzetta branca leon - pizza with mixed vegetables $5.00

Patatine e porri fritti con salsina ghiotta - potatoes and leek, deep fried served with Gianni sauce $5.00

These rocked...french fries with fried leeks served with an aioli

There were two pasta specials...linguine con vongole and rigatoni amatriciana.

For dessert, I sampled the chocolate cannoli and tiramisu.

I definitely will be back and this is a great addition to the Valley.

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  1. Molto E...Andreoli sound great!

    We live about a mile away.....I frequent the Fry's in the same parking lot!
    I have been looking for a great salumi perveyor in the area.....
    I will definitley try and stop there tomorrow!

    Thanks for the rec.

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    1. re: ciaogal

      I bought some speck and guanciale...the brands of San Marzano that he carries, I had not seen before. I have attached the menu but if you can not make it out then I have it posted over on the other food board.

      1. re: Molto E

        I would love to see this menu. Can you tell me where else it's posted. Thanks

        1. re: arizonagirl

          if you click on the photos on my april 25 post then the photos blow up or if that does not work on eGullet.

    2. I saw this place just the other day. Thanks for the great review. I may stop in tonight on the way home to check it out.


      1. Is there seating on the premises, or is this take-out only?

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          1. re: Molto E

            Much? As in could 8 or so people go? Thanks - sounds great.

        1. I stopped by on my way home Wednesday night. Very cool place. They really did a nice job transforming an old 'Berto into a little Italian grocery. I tried the panino del tirolo - speck, pesto, tomatoes, and rucola $7.75 at Molto's suggestion and it was awesome. I spoke with the wife/owner and she said business has been pretty good for the month they've been open.

          I also tried several of the antipasta hors 'doeuvres they had that day. Little sausage stuffed eggplant, stuffed mushrooms and some sort of red round pepper stuffed with anchovie and capers blended smooth. Truly fantastic. I brought everything home for my wife to try, and she is already talking about having them cater our next party. What a great spot!


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          1. re: barry

            Barry, next time try the fried potatoes and leeks with the aioli...

          2. OOOHH Yay!! This sounds worth the drive up there.