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Apr 25, 2007 11:40 AM

South Georgia Coast Shrimp Shacks or ????

we'll be driving from Jacksonville to Savannah soon and would love suggestions from fellow Hounds on where to stop for local seafood or bbq or ?????

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  1. The easiest to get to off of 95 would be holtons at Midway or Altmans in Eulonia. Most scenic would be mudcat Charlies between Brunswick & Darien on 17 or Loves on 17 just south of Savannah. Best would be Speed's Kitchen in Shelman Bluff, Follow the signs to Sapelo Hammock Golf Course, Speeds is on the right a mile before the clubhouse. They are only open thurs-sat nights. Bucaneer Club North of Eulonia has been open for over 40 years. Spped & the bucaneer are written up in John Edge's Southern Belly.