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Apr 25, 2007 11:27 AM

Title Scored Res at Babbo - need recommendations


I am so excited - thanks to the hint on this board to use AMEX platinum concierge, I scored reservations for Babbo in May. Now I need recommendations on dishes not to be missed!


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  1. Traditional tasting menu with wine pairings.

    </decision making>

    1. I think the best way to go is a la carte. How many people will there be? My dad and I shared 3 appetizers (Lamb's tongue vinigrette is a MUST), 2 pastas (mint love letters and Beef Cheek Ravioli - both spectacular), one entree (Sweebreads - loved them but I have heard that there are better entrees(?)) and dessert (Saffron Panno Cotta - I honestly wasn't that wowed by it, but I'm not really a dessert person either).


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        I will second the beef cheek ravioli. It's one of their more well-known dishes and the last time I had it (~ 3-4 months ago) it did not disappoint

      2. Get fresh pastas (made there) - like the mint love letters - NOT dry pastas (not made there)
        and whatever intrigues you. The salumi platter didn't knock us out, but we have great access to such things already. We had something with octopus that was fantastic, but I can't recall if it was an app or a pasta. I quite like their desserts . . .

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          the dried pastas ARE made there as spelled out in Bill Buford's book "Heat" (the fresh pastas are made and frozen on site)....dried pastas are indicative of southern itlalian dishes....Dried pastas are no better or worse than fresh just different pastas for different condiments and regional differences.....for the OP, go ala carte and make sure to share a few pastas or the pasta tasting of you want to go big, the regular tasting is kinda boring.....

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            interesting about the dried pastas, Cpalms
            I guess I should rephrase -- the dried pasta dishes I've tried @Babbo didn't impress me (and I like Southern Italian) but the fresh pastas did, and are the kind of thing I'm less likely to pull off at home
            mint! love! letters!

          2. re: pitu

            The grilled octopus is an appetizer, and the one time I had it, a couple of months ago, I thought it was outta this world.

          3. I tend to do the a la carte menu and then between appetizers and the main course do a small tasting of two or three pastas for the table. They are more than accommodating with that and its just the right amount. The mint love letters are amazing! I mean you cant really go wrong with ANY of the pastas. If you like tripe (which I don't, but my dad does), its excellent. They also make a great bronzino (if its on the menu). For dessert, if they have the olive oil gelato you must get it!

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            1. re: NiKoLe1625

              the mint love letters are not to be missed.

            2. You have time to read Heat, which is a must-read. By the time you're done, you will know what to order!

              - Sean

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              1. re: Sean Dell

                I made reservs yesterday (for a month in advance).

                It took 133 phone calls.