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Apr 25, 2007 11:22 AM

Best Eggs Benedict in DC?

I'm trying to eat healthier and therefore hardly ever order my beloved eggs benedict for brunch (I even passed over it this weekend at Georgia Browns..and their low-country version looked good).

But I don't see a problem treating myself every few months. So I'm looking for the best eggs benedict you've had. Traditional or variations (with smoked salmon or crab cakes etc).


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  1. I don't live in the D.C. area anymore, so I haven't sampled too many different eggs benedicts there, but I had a delicious version at Praline in Bethesda. It was on little brioche caps instead of English muffins and--well now I can't remember what they used instead of Canadian bacon, but I think it was crab cakes. Anyway, it was very good and all of the pastries and macaroons we tried were also amazing...particularly their croissants. It'd be a good place to try when you're wanting a splurge and a terrible place to try when you're trying to eat healthy!