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Apr 25, 2007 11:21 AM


On a recent stroll down St-L into Little Italy, I came across a peruvian restaurant I hadn't noticed before with beautiful photos of deep fried crabs and other deliciously seasoned fish. Can anyone give me the rundown on this joint? Price, quality? It's near Beaubien.


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  1. Sounds like Chicho's. Been there a few times. It's no frills, pretty cheap Peruvian, like fried whole fish and other fried seafood, lomos (steaks). The tastiest so far: the ceviche, the seafood rice, the fish fillets in tomato sauce (forget the exact names). About 15-20 bucks a head.(Beware of blaring Spanish satellite tv)

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      If you're ever in the Verdun area, check out Villa Wellington on 2nd and Wellington. Great ceviche, giant portions. Lots of deep fried sea food and fish. Usually packed with locals during the weekend.

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        It must be Chichos - there was a branch of Melchorita on the opposite side of the street (much more pleasant surroundings) but it has closed down. The first Melchorita is still in operation, a bit north of there: 7901, rue Saint-Dominique Montréal, Québec H2R 1X8
        Tel: (514) 382-2129 Similar prices to Chichos.

        The ambiance of Chicho's bothers me too much to eat there (too bright, loud TV - and I speak Spanish, so it is worse) but I know Latino people who work around there who get takeaway from that resto.

        How about Eche para Echarle, in the same general area? I've had good seafood there - perhaps it is a bit more expensive: 7216 St-Hubert (just north of Jean-Talon) 514.276.3243

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          My favorite is Eche pa' Echarle followed by Via Wellington. I went not to long ago to el Limon Verde on Masson street. The menu was smaller. Tried the ceviche, it got a passing mark, I plan on going back with some friends to try the lomo saltado.