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best place for a three martini lunch in SFV

I am taking a client out for lunch tomorrow...she loves to drink and she loves to talk...happily, I love to drink and love to listen.
Any suggestions of a great place near Studio City to have great cocktails, a superb lunch, and not get hasselled by the wait staff to pack it up after an hour?
Hollywood and West Hollywood ok too.

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  1. What about someplace like the Fourseasons or the BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL.

    1. When I think of martinis + lunch, I think of Musso & Franks. Foodwise, you should be fine if you stick with the grilled meats or the sand dabs.
      For better food closer to Studio City, you could try Max's, but it's very loud & not condusive to long, intimate conversations.

      1. In the SFV, although I hate to say it..try Kate mantilini.

        Also try L'Affair in Panorama City.

        Cafe Cordiale might work.

        1. Agree with Musso and Franks, tomorrow is chicken pot pie day.

          1. 1st thing that comes to mind is The Smokehouse in Toluca Lake. Martinis and chops.

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              Hey, don't forget some garlic bread with those martinis and with the chops and maybe an order to go for a midnight snack.

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                  mmmmmm neon garlic bread - I can't stop once I start

              1. Ok, maybe not superb, but Morton's or French 75 on Olive in Burbank. If you stay long enough, that three-martini lunch can roll right into happy hour.

                Chateau Marmont, maybe. Sit outside.

                The Terrace at Sunset Tower Hotel.

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                  Marmont is a great idea - go have lunch poolside in the shade!

                2. Ca Del Sole on Cahuenga, just N of Universal, has good food and good cocktails.

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                    Ca Del Sole came to my mind too! Patio seating available.

                  2. So where do you end up do tell....

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                      SO...We actually ended up going to Hungrey Cat in Hollywood on Sunset.
                      And it was amazing. The best Fish Tacos ever and the cocktails were a huge hit....plus a short drive back to the valley. THANKS TO ALL WHO RESPONDED!

                    2. The Bistro Garden on Ventura Blvd.in Sherman Oaks/Studio City is your place!