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Apr 25, 2007 11:09 AM

best place for a three martini lunch in SFV

I am taking a client out for lunch tomorrow...she loves to drink and she loves to talk...happily, I love to drink and love to listen.
Any suggestions of a great place near Studio City to have great cocktails, a superb lunch, and not get hasselled by the wait staff to pack it up after an hour?
Hollywood and West Hollywood ok too.

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  1. What about someplace like the Fourseasons or the BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL.

    1. When I think of martinis + lunch, I think of Musso & Franks. Foodwise, you should be fine if you stick with the grilled meats or the sand dabs.
      For better food closer to Studio City, you could try Max's, but it's very loud & not condusive to long, intimate conversations.

      1. In the SFV, although I hate to say it..try Kate mantilini.

        Also try L'Affair in Panorama City.

        Cafe Cordiale might work.

        1. Agree with Musso and Franks, tomorrow is chicken pot pie day.

          1. The original comment has been removed