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Apr 25, 2007 11:05 AM

Educate me about Village Imports' "Open Warehouse" events

After a friend brought me some incredible "Nova Marie" yogurts from this place, I've been looking at their website with a view towards going there myself. But the website specifically states that you must be "invited" to their warehouse events. What's up with this? Do I have to sign up for their newsletter to be invited?

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  1. Nobody's ever reported a bouncer checking invitations. Here's a report on the last open house:

    1. There was one last Friday. I walked in uninvited and left with wonderful cheese, duck and rabbit sausage, pork rillettes, and a case of mixed French wines.

      1. Yes, if you sign up for their mailing list, you will get an "invitation".

        But I think what they are really trying to say is that they have open events and invitation only events. Once a month, they have an open event.

        1. Just sign up for their email list. It happens once a month. I suggest going on the Friday if possible to avoid lines. It is a warehouse, no frills. A lot of the items are bulk for the industry...25lbs of fondant anyone? One of the items I like is the hard cider. About $3.50 a bottle and not as sweet as american ciders. They have non-alcoholic too.

          1. Are the prices esp. good or is it just that the public and only come on these special days?

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              You have to have a good idea of what you are likely to buy, and how much these items cost elsewhere. I think you get a bit of a break if you are buying bulk items e.g., 5kg bags of Valhrona, but you'd be better of at TJ's for the individual bars. I think the charcuterie is less expensive than the same items at Draeger's--but what isn't?

              I go (rarely, since they started raising prices when they started having monthly open warehouses) for the full-fat French yoghurts, vincottos, hard cider, and fruit sodas. Many of the other retail-size items are sold at the same prices elsewhere.

              1. re: pilinut

                I agree with this assessment, and also warn that you must check the Use by dates as it seems that some of these items would be unsellable on store shelves. I go ~quarterly for their cider, French lemonade and other sodas. As Sebby said, the brand they carry is much less sweet than that found at TJ's, Mollie Stones and the like. I usually pick up some dijon mustard, as I like the brand they carry and they have some varieties I don't see elsewhere.