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Apr 25, 2007 10:48 AM

roadtrip stops back from school

Unfortunately my college adventures are coming to an end, but I still want to have more things to look forward too, and whats more exciting than food. My trip is one from New Orleans back to NJ. I go through Miss, AL, the northwest tip of GA, Tennessee, VA, W.VA and western MD. Any places that are must-go-tos along my path. Love anything but need at least one great BBQ place. Nowhere too expensive or too slow. I look forward to seeing where this roadtrip back home before the real world takes me. Thanks for the help.

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    1. re: Hushpuppy

      its basically a trip that goes from NOLA and I pass by hattiesburg to Meridian to tuscaloosa - birmingham-chatanooga-knoxville-Roanoke-harrisonburg-harrisburg-then NJ. The exact map is below and I guess I pretty much want to stop off close to that route without too many detours. I actually have a book made for roadstops across the US but the places to this point have been on a range from superb finds to mediocre and being the last trip of this kind for me I don't want to miss any of the can't-misses. Thanks for all help!!!!

      1. re: chimp

        Downtown Chattanooga is terrific fun for walking around, so it wld be a good stop for leg-stretching. I havne't been in abt 3 yrs, so I don't know much about the eateries -- they were all chains when I was last there.
        Knoxville has a great dive sandwich place called Sam and Andy's on the main drag near the University.

        1. re: fluffernutter

          For Chattanooga I'd say Riverstreet Deli is a pretty good option for lunch. It's on the other side of the river from downtown, in Coolidge Park. Pretty tasty sandwiches. Reasonably priced, too. Aretha Frankensteins, about a mile down the road from Coolidge Park, has terrific breakfast (huge pancakes, HUGE breakfast burritos with a ton of options for fillings, biscuits with great apple butter, awesome hashbrowns/homefries). They also have some regular burritos, sandwiches, and even a shrimp & grits dish that's quite tasty.

          I'm relatively new to Knoxville myself so I don't really know that many good, non-chain restaurants in the area. The thread about knoxville/oak ridge had a lot of suggestions, though.

    2. Mrs Rowes Restaurant and Bakery, just off I 81 in Stuanton VA. Great southern cooking. We found it when we were moving from Hershey PA to Asheville, NC. We stop everytime we pass by. Save room for their desserts particularly their pies. And if you want they have frozen takeouts of many of their favorites.

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      1. re: catsailor

        wow these all sound great and the mrs rowes menu looks fantastic! i might need to force myself not to speed so that I have time to digest between meals

      2. Leatha's in Hattiesburg is a great BBQ place.