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Apr 25, 2007 10:37 AM

One night in St Louis

From Los wife and I are going to be passing through St. Louis for one night. We'll be staying at the Airport Hilton.

So one night, no car (but can take a cab)-- where should we go for a not-to-miss eating experience? Not necessarily looking for fancy or haute (but that works too)....a great bowl of Pho, or fabulous ribs, or simple but sublime get the idea.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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  1. You are within cab distance to Mai Lee. It is great vietnamese. They have wonderful pho, (my favorite is #5) but the absolutely most delicious thing they serve is the whole fried catfish in fish sauce. Despite what you may think, this dish is not at all "fishy". The crispy catfish mixes beautifully with the salty, sweet fish sauce. I get that along with the red bean drink (red bean and coconut milk). It is located on Delmar and 170 (the Innerbelt, not I-70, the interstate) in a little strip.

    Also nearby just east of 170 (the innerbelt again) on Olive in yet another strip mall is Da Palm Tree. Simply my favorite place for Jamacain food anywhere. The jerk chicken is outstanding, as are the meat patties, honey-jerk wings, codfish balls and stewed chicken. They make their own ginger beer (not beer at all, more like the best ginger juice you've ever had.) A caveat, though. The place is run by a very sweet man named Easton who is from Jamaica. He adopts a very laid back attitude about most everything, including the service. Don't go if you are in a hurry...It's a very casual place.

    Have a nice trip.

    1. The biggest problem with being at the St. Louis Airport is that there is very little food worth recommending. Lombardo's is within a short walking distance of the Hilton and is pretty decent Italian but overpriced for what you get.

      Personally, I would take the Hilton shuttle to the airport (either terminal) and take the MetroLink to the downtown area or the Central West End (near Barnes hospital) where there are a number of very acceptable restaurants.

      The restaurant at the Marriott is better than either the Hilton or the Renaissance.

      (My company "requires" us to stay at the airport ... lately, I have been staying in either Clayton or Westport using Priceline/Hotwire and renting a vehicle if necessary.)