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Apr 25, 2007 10:27 AM

Big Biscuit in KC.

Big Biscuit for years has been one of my favorite places to eat breakfast. Unfortunately, my experience there this past weekend has me reconsidering ever going back. The service was horrendous, maybe the worst I have ever had. The food, when finally arriving at the table was luke warm as if it had been sitting. I had to ask three times for cream to be brought for my coffee and my water glass was never refilled. To top things off to a completely miserable experience our server brought us the wrong bill. I had to go to the management to have this corrected.

It is really sad that a restaurant that I have truly loved and patronized for so long may never get my business again. I hope Big Biscuit turns it around and gets back to it former luster of great food and great service. As it stands it will be a long time before I go back and then I will have to think twice before I do.

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  1. NOT that I want to go there after that review (!), but I don't even know where Big Biscuit is?? Our "can't miss" breakfast place is Pegah's; and they recently opened another location in the old Ponderosa in Olathe that is airy, spic-n-span clean. Food and service is always spot-on, too. (Not that you were looking for a recommendation, they just come to mind when I think "good breakfast out.")

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      Where is the Pegah's in Olathe? I'll have to go check it out. Always looking for new weekend breakfast places.

      1. re: pmannon

        It is located in Olathe on Santa Fe west of I-35. If you exit from I-35 to Santa Fe, you would go west, through the stop light at Ridgeview and it would be on the south side of the street at the far end of the parking lot. I've wanted to try Pegah's and now, after that recommendation, I have a reason.

        1. re: amy_rc

          Thank you for providing the directions, amy rc! Hope you like it; let us know what you think.

          1. re: GiGiWy

            Tried Pegah's today. We went for breakfast and, for whatever reason, I decided to order a bacon cheeseburger. My husband ordered the breakfast Country Fried Steak meal. We thought the food was really good, HUGE portions and it was a great value. It's not a fancy place, but I like anywhere I can get good service, good food and I walk out full and satisfied. We will definitely go back.

            1. re: amy_rc

              So glad you liked it, amy. Hey, my sister would occasionally have tuna fish salad or pizza for breakfast, so a bacon cheeseburger sounds perfectly logical! All the good things you mentioned about it are precisely why we keep going back; and, you can count on them every time. This is true of all three locations which, in itself, can be unique.

              1. re: amy_rc

                Sad news Olathe Pegah's location fans, the place has shut down. I am really surprised that it never caught on here. I always found the food to be consistently good, the service to be average or above, the owners to be friendly, the place felt spic and span clean, and for obvious reasons, you never had to wait for a table. I'll have to try the Johnson Drive location.

                1. re: amy_rc

                  NNNOOOOO! Say it ain't so. Mom's across the street looks vacant too. Pegah's was really good, cheap food. We ate there at least once a month after church.

                  Old 56 Family Restaurant is still chugging along.

                  1. re: chileheadmike

                    I came on-line to report the same about Pegah's in Olathe after we discovered the "For Sale" sign Saturday evening. Very surprised and disappointed; the other two locations are long-established. Does anyone know what happened?? We ended up at Smokin' Joe's, and I asked about Mom's since it did look, once again, abandoned. But, the fellow said they close at 2:00, so they are still around, at least for breakfast and lunch.

        2. re: GiGiWy

          Is the original location the one at Johnson Dr. and Nieman?

          1. re: amyzan

            I don't know if that's the original, or the one at 75th & Nieman. Jo. Drive and Nieman location was Stern's for a long time. Location at 75th & Nieman used to be Chuy's Mexican. (A little history for those who care!) We highly recommend all three locations for consistently good food and pleasant service.

              1. re: GiGiWy

                Just moved back to KC from Chicago. Glad to know pegahs is still good - and around.

            1. re: GiGiWy

              Pegah's is fantastic home-style breakfast food. I usually go to the one at 75th/ Nieman. I love their biscuits and gravy!