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Apr 25, 2007 10:18 AM

Parkside rec's

I'm going to parkside for the first time. Are there any recommendations of what to get? Any must-try dishes?

Also, is it a more a restaurant for couples or are groups okay?

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  1. their menu changes fairly often so there aren't really any regular dishes. everything is great! they have set prices for 3 or 4 courses so you get your choice of items in each category. i've never had anything that wasn't delicious.

    groups are ok - depending on the size they have a round room in the back that is a little bit private.

    1. I think the little 'room' only seats about 5, but there is plenty of room for groups - the times I've been there, more groups than couples, actually! The chocolate beignets for dessert... must not miss. I've never had anything that wasn't fantastic... Enjoy!

      1. They do chicken and seafood very well. All of the chicken and seafood dishes I've had at Parkside/La Buca were fantastic.

        I've ordered several meat dishes (veal, lamb) but I would have to say those were merely good and not spectacular. Although they do have right now a Moroccan-inspired lamb dish that I'm wanting to try.