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Apr 25, 2007 10:17 AM

Bacco OR Irene's ?

In everyone's opinion, which is more dimly lit and romantic ?

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    1. Also, the food is better if that affects your decision :)

      1. Irene's and get there early. Enjoy!

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        1. re: jlayk

          I failed to see what was so great with Irene's. We had to wait over an hour and half (although the host told us 30-45 minutes). I don't mind waiting if the food is worth it.

          We ordered the oysters Irene, though admittedly were huge and plump, lacked flavor. But I guess I prefer oysters raw or Drago's style.

          The canneloni's with ground veal and pork (I think) was ok, but I couldn't find any bechamel, and the red sauce was just kind of weak.

          On a plus plus side, the service was very good (aside from getting drinks while we waited) and the creole cheesecake is the best cheesecake I've ever had.

          All in all though, I think I prefer Vincent's.

        2. What about Tommy's? I liked their food a lot and it was definitely very romantic inside.