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Apr 25, 2007 09:58 AM

Shady Glen, Manch. & Bolton CT.

Anyone have any thoughts on Esquire Mag. pronouncement of the Best Burger? Does Shady Glen deserve the honour? What's better?

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  1. The cheese is fabulous, really, but the last few times I've eaten there, the beef was pretty bad. It's worth it for the spectacle and the cheese, and the slaw and ice cream are great.

    1. The burger itself isn't necessarily the best, but overall experience is worth it. Everyone should try the cheeseburger platter with a milkshake or sundae at least once!

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        I feel the same. It's all about the fried cheese. The meat's not great, but the place is cool. I'm surprised it would get voted best.

      2. Ditto. I don't even really like burgers so I usually get a crispy cheese furter but I think the place is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who likes old school simple food served 1950's style.

        1. The burger aren't gourmet, but they are the best. I like things simple and that is what SG is all about. They don't follow the latest trend in food like most other places. Good honest food for a good price. That is what makes it so great. JMHO Jay

          1. The pronouncement was not Best but "Most Decadent Burgers" in the USA and it certainly is deserving. The SG Cheesburger is totally unique experience, yummy and fun to eat. If I had any quibble it would be that the platter now costs about $9.00. But when you think about it, you get the burger, nice fries and great cole slaw and the use of the relish tray. It's well worth it.