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Apr 25, 2007 09:35 AM

Meltdown in Culver City

Does anyone know when this Grilled Cheese place is opening? I thought it was next week but the space doesn't seem anywhere near ready.

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  1. The owner told me yesterday that he "hopes" to open next week, but you know how that goes

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    1. re: lesleyb

      Thanks...I'm really looking forward to it!

      1. re: hrhboo

        Oh wow! I just looked at the menu and am salivating! Looks great! Can't wait...

    2. I just called today to check on the opening. The owner again "hopes" to be open Monday, May 7th. He said he would know for sure by the end of this week.

      Here's a link directly to their menu...

      1. I called again today (can you tell I'm excited to try this place?) and I was told they will be open on Wednesday, May 9th. I'll let you know if I hear anything further...

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          I am so pleased-I work in that area and can't wait!!! Talk about Comfort Food...I am hoping that it is as good as it sounds. I usually go to John O'Groats for a grilled cheese sandwhich or to Clemintine's...

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            Any news on the hours? The website doesn't mention them. I know it's supposed to be a lunch-only place at first, but I'm wondering what those specific lunch hours might be...

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              11:00-3:00. Maybe I'll see you there.

          2. This was in the Los Angeles Times Food section today:

            "First-time restaurateur Ryan Afromsky opens Meltdown today in Culver City. The breakfast and lunch grilled cheese specialty shop is open weekdays only, serving nearly two dozen different melts, from a "classic 3 cheese" on sourdough to "banana nut," which is Nutella and banana on egg bread.

            Meltdown, 9739 Culver Blvd., Culver City, (310) 838-6358."

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            1. re: locklite

              I ate at Meltdown today for lunch and was actually customer number 4!!! It was very good comfort food. The owner was very friendly and made sure that he greeted each diner and checked in to see how people were enjoying their food. I had a grilled cheese sandwhich with 3 cheeses and with grilled tomatoes. My friend had the "partial melt down" which was 1/2 a sandwhich (cheese, applebutter and ham) with a cup of tomatoe soup. She loved her sandwhich as well. A nice touch is that they have a selction of sodas and other drinks, all in glass bottles. I recommend this restaurant!

              1. re: handlertaper

                Thanks! Would you say the grilled cheese was worth $7? I'll definitely try it out either way, but I wonder if I'll leave the place feeling similar to how I felt leaving El Toro (thinking that $4 for a taco is somehow wrong)...

                1. re: handlertaper

                  I'm curious as well. When I looked at the menu, I couldn't believe that a grilled cheese sandwich would cost $7. Is the grilled cheese at Meltdown $7-good?

              2. I just returned from my first lunch at Meltdown. My boyfriend and I went, so I got a try a variety of things.

                My first impression was, wow... word spread fast. We waited almost 30 minutes in line to order our food. The building was not well designed for the capacity that Culver City restaurants receive during the lunch rush. There is only one averaged-sized entryway and the line of people spilled outside, blocking the entrance for the employees trying to carry trays of food in and out.

                When I got to the register, I realized why the line moved so slowly. Although they were set up with two registers, they only had one going. The employee running it was extremely friendly, but didn't know his computer system at all. He repeated my order back to me a total of 3 times. I'm sure this will smooth over in a few days, once they work out a few kinks.

                Ok, onto the food! I went traditional and ordered a "partial meltdown": half a Classic 3 Cheese sandwich to which I added bacon and tomatoes, and a cup of tomato soup. My boyfriend got the Italian Deli sandwich with a cup of their daily special soup, Chilled Cucumber and Mint. They had an interesting soda selection, but we both passed for cups of water. The total came to just under $25.

                The order came up relatively quickly and overall everything was very tasty. The Classic Grilled Cheese half sandwich was a tad small considering the price and the bacon was precooked and a little chewy -- I would skip that next time and just go for the added tomatoes. That would save me 2 bucks right there. The tomato soup was rich and painfully hot, and I thought the serving was generous for a cup sized portion. My boyfriend's Italian Deli sandwich tasted great as well, the variety of lunch meats tasted very fresh. I wasn't a big fan of the chilled cucumber mint soup. It tasted a bit like tzatziki sauce was put into a blender and I expected it to be served much colder. Both sandwiches were accompanied by a very tiny side (like 3-4 bites) of fennel-red onion slaw and a spear of their homemade pickles. I found both to be a really refreshing compliment to the heavy cheese sandwich.

                So in the end, yeah, it's a bit much to ask 7 bucks for a grilled cheese sandwich, but the ingredients were tasty and fresh and a $12 lunch is sadly extremely common in Culver City.