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Apr 25, 2007 09:32 AM

MSP - any local sources for rendered duck fat?

Anyone been able to find rendered duck fat locally?

Amazon has it, but I'd rather get it around here.....


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  1. I'm not in MSP, but maybe... I've seen it in the deli meet counter at Whole Foods in KC. I'm curious, what are you using it for?

    1. You might check with Clancey's Meats and Fish in Linden Hills -- they sell homemade demi-glace and stock, so may have chicken and duck fat as well.

      4307 Upton Ave S., Minneapolis
      (612) 926-0222

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      1. re: mcgeary

        Yes, Clancey's has duck and/or goose fat - at least, they did when I was there a few months ago. I love Clancey's!

        But call to verify availability - you don't want to trek over there to find out that there's been an unexpected run on duck fat.


      2. Surdyk's has goose fat most of the time and duck fat seasonally (per the website). Now might be a good time of year through fall to find it, and if they don't have it in, they can get it for you within a week.

        Check out the "Butter" section on the website:

        1. Surdyk's usually has the d'Artagnan duck fat, or you can order it direct from d'Artagnan. They are tops in all things duck.

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          1. re: Michael Florey

            That's the brand I was thinking of..... Perfect.

            easy recipes to follow if it goes well, not going to post anything "untested"