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Apr 25, 2007 09:22 AM

Breakfast for 10 near McCormick Place?

I need to find a breakfast restaurant near McCormick Place for a meeting of MDs. Can any Chowhound help with suggestions?

- Needs to be open on Saturday morning about 7am.
- Needs to take reservations for breakfast, or be easy to get about 10 people in right away. (These MDs are a little cranky and don't like to wait.)
- Needs to be within short walking distance of the McCormick Place convention center.
- And last, the food/ambience need to be fairly "nice." I like hole-in-the-wall diners for myself, but these folks are a little fussy.

Many thanks for any ideas/suggestions!

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  1. The area around McCormick Place is a wasteland in terms of restaurants. Really, there's nothing that fits your requirements within walking distance.

    The only thing I can think of is the Hyatt at McCormick Place, which surely must have a restaurant serving breakfast.

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    1. re: Amata

      Thanks- that's pretty much what I thought. The Hyatt only has a coffee bar type place for breakfast, no "nice" sit down place, alas.

    2. You really only have one choice that meets everything you're looking for, and that's Shor, the restaurant in the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place:

      I'm not aware of any other sit-down breakfast restaurant within short walking distance of McCormick Place, with the exception of Cuatro, which isn't open for breakfast on Saturdays. Even the places in the South Loop (a short cab ride away) that specialize in breakfast, like Bongo Room or Orange on Harrison, don't open till 9 or 8, respectively, on Saturdays.

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        Oops, guess I was wrong about the Hyatt- thanks!

      2. If you can get the MDs to agree to a short cab ride (about 10 blocks to the north), Yolk, in the South Loop, meets your other requirements. I personally don't care for their omelets, but others like their breakfasts, and they have a large number of other offerings. It's a large establishment with a pleasant ambience (looking right out on Grant Park) that can easily handle groups of 10+, and service has always been topnotch for me

        1120 S. Michigan Ave.