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business dinner in pasadena?

looking for suggestions on where to take a client tonight in pasadena. upscale with excellent service and a fairly quiet environment so we can discuss biz-neez. i'm not sure of his taste, so i am open to any cuisine. thanks.

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  1. FYI....you'll get a better response if you post this on the L.A. board.


    1. I would recommend Arroyo Chop House for great steaks and it's sister restaurant Parkway Grill for great cuisine. The Chop House is as great a steak house as there is in LA and would be conducive for business. Parkway Grill might be a little noisier. I'm sure there are other places that CH's will recommend. But I would stand behind these two suggestions.

      Both restaurants are nearly side by side on Arroyo Parkway just north of California Blvd.

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        i would also recomend arroyo chop house and parkway. also you might want to look into
        maison akira (japanese/french) with great tasting menu that won't break your bank. very quiet.

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          I like Maison Akira, but I think it's a bit on the romantic side while Parkway and the Chop House more businesslike. You can't go wrong w/either of these choices or also Bistro 45 for more ambitious food.

      2. If you want something in old town pasadena, i suggest Louise's Trattoria (italian), anything else is going to be too loud.
        Masion Akira is awesome japanese/french food off green street.
        Hamburger Hamlet (all kinds of food) is on Lake ave, it's quiet in the back or in booths and has a sophisticated atmosphere.
        Never tried the chop house, as i'm vegan and progressive, but i hear that Ruth Chris' Steak House across from the Paseo Colorado is much better, food and atmo wise.
        Most other places are likely to have screaming kids.
        Good Luck!

        1. I would suggest any of the following for a business dinner where a quiet environment is needed:

          Maison Akira
          Arroyo Chophouse
          Ruth's Chris

          Parkway Grill would be a good choice, but it can get loud at times.

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            forgot about ruth's in pasadena...i had a great steak at that location not too long ago.
            very formal and quiet that has top rated food - dinning room at ritz.
            also..how can i forget about "dereck's" great food and might be the perfect call.
            i like bistro 45 too...great wine list!

          2. Madeleine's, for it is not only a wine bar but has a very elegant dining room [or 2?]and really good food. Some of the servers are more interested in their bigger tables but the manager/maitre d will take excellent care of you. On Green Street somewhere east of Mentor. But not so inexpensive but almost reasonable.

            1. All the previously-named restaurants are very dependable, popular Business Dinner sites. Shiro is actually in South Pasadena, as is Bistro K. And Bistro K is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and does not serve any alcohol, so you'd have to BYOB. Also, Bistro K is very "cozy" and has NO privacy. It's my favorite local restaurant, but I would never want to discuss business there. You're only 3 feet away from your fellow diners.

              A few other options up in Pasadena are DeLacey's Club 41 (at DeLacey and Green), which serves classic American cuisine and the only "real" (mixed at your table) Caesar salad on this side of town.

              Or Madre's, J-Lo's restaurant on a side street near Lake and California. It's very upscale Cuban/Puerto Rican cuisine and popular for business meals. Kinda nice for the celebrity restaurant tourist-appeal.

              And the restaurant at the Ritz Carlton is a good suggestion just to see the magnificent old hotel. Very impressive entrance with the valet parking in the circular driveway. Very luxe if you're trying to woo a big-money client.

              1. Parkway Grill is probaby one of the best choice... there's a bar next to the dining room, too for earlier coctails, and relatively quiet. Of course, there is always The Ritz's Dining Room (formerly The Grill Restaurant) worth the $$$ famed for the newer cuisine set by Chef Craig Strong with a more elite ambiance.

                Oh..how about Beckam Place along Walnut? An old English-style prime rib house - required valet parking only. Dim-lit dining room and comfortable bar for coctails.

                Call for reservations on any of the three. Good luck!