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Apr 25, 2007 09:20 AM

business dinner in pasadena?

looking for suggestions on where to take a client tonight in pasadena. upscale with excellent service and a fairly quiet environment so we can discuss biz-neez. i'm not sure of his taste, so i am open to any cuisine. thanks.

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  1.'ll get a better response if you post this on the L.A. board.

    1. I would recommend Arroyo Chop House for great steaks and it's sister restaurant Parkway Grill for great cuisine. The Chop House is as great a steak house as there is in LA and would be conducive for business. Parkway Grill might be a little noisier. I'm sure there are other places that CH's will recommend. But I would stand behind these two suggestions.

      Both restaurants are nearly side by side on Arroyo Parkway just north of California Blvd.

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      1. re: Ogawak

        i would also recomend arroyo chop house and parkway. also you might want to look into
        maison akira (japanese/french) with great tasting menu that won't break your bank. very quiet.

        1. re: rickym13

          I like Maison Akira, but I think it's a bit on the romantic side while Parkway and the Chop House more businesslike. You can't go wrong w/either of these choices or also Bistro 45 for more ambitious food.

      2. If you want something in old town pasadena, i suggest Louise's Trattoria (italian), anything else is going to be too loud.
        Masion Akira is awesome japanese/french food off green street.
        Hamburger Hamlet (all kinds of food) is on Lake ave, it's quiet in the back or in booths and has a sophisticated atmosphere.
        Never tried the chop house, as i'm vegan and progressive, but i hear that Ruth Chris' Steak House across from the Paseo Colorado is much better, food and atmo wise.
        Most other places are likely to have screaming kids.
        Good Luck!

        1. I would suggest any of the following for a business dinner where a quiet environment is needed:

          Maison Akira
          Arroyo Chophouse
          Ruth's Chris

          Parkway Grill would be a good choice, but it can get loud at times.

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            forgot about ruth's in pasadena...i had a great steak at that location not too long ago.
            very formal and quiet that has top rated food - dinning room at ritz.
   can i forget about "dereck's" great food and might be the perfect call.
            i like bistro 45 too...great wine list!

          2. Madeleine's, for it is not only a wine bar but has a very elegant dining room [or 2?]and really good food. Some of the servers are more interested in their bigger tables but the manager/maitre d will take excellent care of you. On Green Street somewhere east of Mentor. But not so inexpensive but almost reasonable.