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Apr 25, 2007 09:15 AM

help in walla walla

can anyone give me a sense of what to expect in walla walla? will be there for 2 whole days touring nearby wineries and need a guide as to where to find breakfast. any decent pastry? what about lunch and dinner. places that offer light fare and/or serious cuisine. someone told me that there are only two restaurants worth consideration. any truth in that?

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  1. Actually, WW has really developed. The wine industry has been good for the food scene. Good pastry at Merchant's downtown, also good breakfast. Lots of lunch spots - try Grapefield's downtown, Creektown or 26 Brix. Dinner - 26 Brix, Whitehouse Crawford, Marcus Whitman, T. Maccarone.

    1. Search walla walla on chowhound and you'll find a lot of information.
      Here's a start.

      1. It's good to do a search, but things change and updates work too. We're from Portland here in Walla Walla this weekend. Great onion sausage guy sells out of the window next to the coffee place downtown (a coffee place with better coffee than the Starbucks next door, by the way) and he sells on Saturday mornings at the Farmer's Market downtown. We love the best bakery in town, Colville St. Patisserie -- flaky, buttery, yum, yum. Why does it open so late (9 a.m.). Which reminds me, we like to eat late and you can't do that here. On the other hand, after 8 p.m. you can get in anywhere. A new place called Saffron just opened and is getting raves, Mediterranean food. We went to Grapefields, nice wine choices, very average food, lousy loud music playing. Tonight we will go back to Whitehouse for the third time in four years. We always liked it better than Brix which was very uneven. Perhaps they are better now. Past three trips I would grade the food as A-, A-, B-. We'll see how it is this year. The breakfast place on E. Main, address is probably about 43 E., is lousy. Some terrible tasting substance on the toast. Blech. If you are tempted to go settle for a scone or something elswhere, don't. That bakery ranks with the Grand Centrals and Pixes of the world. That's my two cents.

        1. This is what I need to know as well. Thanks to you who have responded so far and thanks tessy1 for asking the questions. Look forward to more responses.