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Apr 25, 2007 09:12 AM

East OR ideas

Any recommendations for meals while traveling in the remoter parts of Oregon, the east side and across the south? I'm primarily interested in grocery options for meals while camping, plus lunch time stops.

I don't have high expectations in either category. Still, on other trips I have found the occasional grocery that smokes its own meat (Twisp WA), and good Mexican lunch stops (especially tortas from taco trucks). I also keep an eye out for bakeries.

I've seen mention of good Mexican in the Madras area. Burgers may be the best options in towns like Lakeview and Paisley. The Italian place in Klamath Falls that was recently mentioned in a thread may be too fancy for this trip, though a lunch time stop at Summer Jo's in Grants Pass might fit. I may also try to stop at the Rogue Creamery for some cheese samples. Jordan Valley has a high Basque concentration, but it's unclear whether a traveler can get any good Basque style meals there. I've also found a few threads about the NE corner, including Enterprise, Joseph, and along I84.


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  1. This might not be quite what you're looking for (i.e not groceries and I'm not sure they're open for lunch), but we always like to hit the Terminal Gravity Brewery in Enterprise. Food is decent (or better), beer is excellent, view from the deck is priceless, and the crowd is super-friendly.

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      Yes, there were several recommendations like this for Enterprise, Joseph and the 84 corridor in this thread

    2. Try John's Elgin Market:

      I'm pretty sure this is the place I went a couple years ago and had some fantastic pepperoni stick. If they have billboards leading the way, they're the one.