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Apr 25, 2007 09:07 AM

I'm a college student so naturally i'm on a budget ($10 or less) and looking for a distraction from studying for finals and writing papers. Last semester here as well. Any places, maybe off the map. No westbank but nola, metarie, jefferson, but nowhere much further than that. Po-boys, pizza, mexican, deli, thai, cajun...anything thats fun to eat. thanks for the help...i'll let u know what we choose!

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  1. Hey Chimp:

    You've probably tried each of these 10 times, but they were some of my favorite when I was in school not so very long ago. Im not sure they're "off the map," though.

    1. Juans Flying Burrito on Magizine
    2. Dunbars (used to be on Freret, now, I think, on the Loyola campus somewhere)
    3. Guy's po-boys on Magazine
    4. Nirvana on Magazine (lunch buffet rules, but build in a nap)
    5. Nor-Joe's off of Metairie Rd. (if you are serious about Metairie--awesome muffalettas)
    6. Parkway Bakery on Hagen, right around City Park

    Good luck finding lunch and procrastinating. And good luck with finals/papers.

    ETA: Parasols and Cafe Reconcile. Should have included those two first time around.

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    1. re: ana210

      Add Camellia Grill to the llist, now. Standing in line will really help you procrastinate. I'd also add Domilese, NY Pizza, Crabby Jack's, Casamento's, and Minnie's Catfish Corner. You should be able to do all of these for $10-15 a head, unless you're a really big eater.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Im sad to say I dont know Minnie's. Where is that?

        1. re: ana210

          S. Cortez off of's the website: You can even watch the TV commercial on the website!

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            oh.. exciting. It is right around the corner from work. I've always seen the place, but wondered if it were any good. I am glad to see they have yaka mein soup. I thought I could only get it at jazzfest.

            1. re: malenky

              Mike Serio's in the CBD used to have yaka mein pretty often as a special.

    2. my roommates didnt get up til way after lunch so i couldnt wait and had too make something...however, we will definitely go tomorrow. Love all of those suggestions and have actually been to all of them cept for minnies nor joes and reconcile...for some reason I really am in the mood for trying some place that I probably haven't heard much about so maybe minnies or norjoes tomorrow. Went to camellias on saturday and it did not disappoint

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      1. re: chimp

        I don't think Nor-Joes serves much more than a muffalette. It really is more of an Italian market, but their Muff is terrific.

        1. re: Tonto

          Have you ever tried the Galley on Metairie Road...they have great soups and fried soft shell crab po-boys...and my favorite boiled seafood in the city. You could hit it for lunch and pick up a muffaletta for dinner...they are both in Old Metairie.