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Apr 25, 2007 09:07 AM

Good chinese (not oily and all deep fried!) $50 pp near Westside Theatre West 43rd street

Not having much luck with my sushi thread in this area , trying my luck with a different food may be. Traditional might be nice for my mum especially ! But would also like to look at other options.

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    1. re: small h

      Thank you for that link ,sounds promising and yummy. Now added to the list of possibilites for that night.

    2. Since I don't eat sushi, I'm not particularly knowledgeable about where the good spots are -- with the exception, of course, of famous places like Yasuda, etc. But my guess is the reason you've not gotten any response is that there isn't one, good or otherwise, in that vicinity.

      In response to your new request, my first thought was of the new Ollie's, which is discussed on the thread linked to by small h. I haven't been there, so I can't comment.

      Any other cuisines interest you? That area has restaurants with an international assortment of cuisines, i.e., Thai, Greek, Puerto Rican, Argentinian, Mexican, etc., etc.

      1. Wu Liang Le on 48th btw 5th and 6th

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        1. re: LFeinberg

          ahhh thank you again LF for pointing me in the right direction . Also sounds good and if natives of china flock there (just read a review) then it must be good.