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Apr 25, 2007 08:17 AM

Job Initiation - Food Related..need suggestions!

I am looking for suggestions. I just recently started a new job and part of the department initiation is for the new person to bring in some type of food item (set out in the morning) for the entire department. The department count is about 50 people……. In the past, I was told people brought in donuts, soft pretzels, etc. Does anyone have a good idea for me to bring into the department?

I have a few ideas. One might be Cannolis or another might be Chocolate Chip cookies…..the problem is, where in Montgomery County is there a decent bakery or who makes the best? I did want to try and keep the cost down a bit, too.


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  1. Where are you in Montgomery County? I was thinking maybe tomato pie. There's a great place in either Phymouth Meeting or Coshy called Corpalis. I've never been to the place, but have had the pies. Great thing for a group and it'll keep for a while in the pizza box. Hopefully someone else from the area can back me up with more details on the location.

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      Thanks for the suggestion! I am in Northern Montgomery County, so would the pie be good if I picked it up the night before?

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        I hate to say, but probably not. Are there any Italian bakeries in you area? Many of them carry tomato pies and specialty foccacias. I was actually able to find a good one in Wilmington, if that give you hope=)

        Another option- you can't go wrong with chocolate covered pretzels!

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          There is a sarcones related bakery in Montco - I can't remember the name but it isn' just the bread it is the family and I could eat those hoagies anytime! Also, as a person who just does not like sweets, I would suggest great cheese and fruit, or if you'd like to mix a bit of europe with your breakfast, try excellent baguettes with butter and mustard and sliced hard boiled eggs, again with fruit. Don't know that you can purchase that somewhere ; )

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          Hellolaura, if you're near Hatfield and are looking for tomato pie, I've always been happy with Montella's (sp?) Italian Market. It's located on Cowpath Rd, right across from the Fortuna train station and Guiseppe's Pizza.

          For another suggestion, what about a spread of bagels & bialy, cream cheese and such? Or scones? Webbie's Pizza in Chalfont (Rt. 202 and Skyline Rd) serves both and will do platters of both. The bagels and bialy are made fresh every morning. They do open early, so you could pick up in the AM, or the night before, I'm sure.

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          Sam's Italian Market in Horsham (Welsh Road) has great tomato pie!

        4. I brought soft pretzels into my job once and the pretzel place actually shaped some of the pretzels into letters for me. It would require no work on your part and everyone at my job was tickled. You could get them to spell out something cute.

          50 people is a lot so I would stick to inexpensive items like the pretzels, or a large pan of bread pudding that you could make the night before (maybe even topped with chocolate) or a large pan of apple or cherry cobbler.

          1. How about an assortment of muffins(blueberry, pumpkin, lemon poppyseed, bran). I did this at Christmas one year where I worked. To save $$ I baked them starting 2 nights before and kept them cool and they were fine.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Yeah, as for Italian bakeries near me....there isn't much of a choice. I also think Montella's is out of business as it's no longer at that location. I can't seem to find any other places.

              I like the idea of scones and bialys. That might be something different. Or I'm still hooked on the chocolate chip cookie idea/cannoli, too. I think Whole Foods has pretty good cookies! Maybe I'll try them!

              1. re: Hellolaura

                Webbie's will do a tomato pie as well.
                I can't believe Montella's went out of business. Haven't been over that way in a while. I remember they made some rockin' italian hoagies.

                1. re: QueenB

                  A bakery here in town makes a little spinach, bacon cheddar thing which is a great savory item, it's sort of a quiche but not quite, Anther item that I know that was appreciated at our office was different yogurts, and toppings for them. An assortment of toppings, granola, berries nuts, and raisins. Healthy and light.

                  Doing a lot of morning meetings, I learned that it was not a good idea to bring in anything that was heavy, you want to keep it light so as not to put people to sleep!