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Apr 25, 2007 07:40 AM

Mother's Day Fort Lauderdale

I am looking for a restaurant for Mother's Day. My favorite was the buffet brunch at Charley's Crab in Fort Lauderdale, but they have changed to sit-down menu. Any recommendations for a buffet (hopefully under $30/ a person) in the area? Thank you.

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  1. We're doing the buffet at Blue Moon in Coral Springs on mother's day. I'm not sure if the one on the water in Ft.Lauderdale will be under $30; but it shouldn't be much more if it is. If you like the one at Charlie's Crab, you should enjoy Blue Moon. Hopefully, it isn't fully booked already.

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    1. re: zook

      Is Blue Moon Sunday brunch better than the restaurant on the Riverwalk (River Cafe I believe)?

      1. re: rasmalai

        Sorry, but I couldn't say as I've only eaten dinner at the River House (I think that's the restaurant you mean) one time; so can't make brunch comparisons; however, both have their brunch menus on-line, and as you can see by reviewing them, it appears the brunch at the River House is more extensive than Blue Moon. Comparing the dinners I've had at each, I personally prefer the food at Blue Moon. Also, while it can be pleasant dining outside on the river walk, I think eating alongside the water at Blue Moon is just a bit nicer.

        1. re: zook

          I just read a thread on how Blue Moon was overrated, disappointing and expensive. Can anyone whose been there recently comment?

          1. re: rasmalai

            I've been there twice in the past 4 months - it was excellent both times. Good view, great food. Expensive, but not insanely so.