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Apr 25, 2007 07:39 AM

Coffee Shops Victoria

Any suggestions as to the best coffee shops in Victoria? and when i mean best, i mean Artigiano and Elysian Room standards (as many Vancouverites will know). Lots of people have been raving about 2% Jazz. any good?

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  1. Goodcookie- the coffee geeks at recommend Caffe Fantastico and 2% Jazz, and recommend you avoid Mirage. I cannot vouch for any of this, but generally coffeegeek has never steered me wrong.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Mirage is my favourite coffee joint in Victoria but the owner is notorious for being a jerk - not sure if that has anything to do with coffegeek's recommendation or not, but I think the coffee is excellent. I buy their beans to brew at home.

      Caffe Fantastico is wonderful too.

      1. re: victoriafoodie

        Updated to say that Mirage has gone way downhill since I made this recommendation. I now go to Bean Bandits almost exclusively and buy their beans for at home. Over the last few months of going to Mirage, I bought two or three bags of coffee that were turning rancid by the second or third day - not good enough. Given the number of great coffee shops in town I just gave up on them.

      2. re: John Manzo

        2% Jazz has very impressive espresso, I went in for a quick shot before work and had zero expectations, but I would reccomend it to anybody after that tasty shot! Also, Habit has a great atmosphere and decent magazine selection to go along with it; I have never been disapointed.

      3. Habit is by far my favourite new place...they take coffee to a whole new level. The coffee is done french pressed and is delicious!!!
        Haven't been to 2% but the owners are friends so I assume they are similar.

        1. I also see on Clover's website that Discovery Coffee has a Clover. This is a very, very good sign.

          1. Don't forget The Black Stilt. Out of downtown but excellent espresso and the best combo of coffee, ambiance and service.

            1. A new coffee shop just opened in downtown Victoria. Cafe Mela at The Bellvedere is in the new condo building on Humboldt Street at Blanchard. It is owned by local food writer Elizabeth Levinson and her sister Caroline. They are serious about their food and drink products and I'm sure Cafe Mela will soon be a leader for great coffee in this town. They have fabulous scones, croissants, etc all made by well known Victoria chefs and bakers. The ambience of the cafe is very European and comfortable with patio seating as well.

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              1. re: kathy m

                Honestly, I do not know that Victoria has a place as good as Artigiano. Doubt it. However, Habit is excellent (I make a weekly excursion), Fantastico is good but really out of the way if you're hoping for the downtown core.

                For ambience and coffee, my vote goes to Habit.

                1. re: kathy m

                  "They are serious about their food and drink products and I'm sure Cafe Mela will soon be a leader for great coffee in this town"
                  I visited on the weekend - It is possibly the smallest cafe in Victoria -- and that is OK.
                  Their coffee is re-branded "Level Ground Trading" and their food stuffs appeared to be largely out-sourced.
                  Their drip coffee was OK but their espresso based beverages need a bit of work.
                  Colin - Editor/Creator CoffeeCrew.Com