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Apr 25, 2007 07:32 AM

Organic Meat in Sunnyside?

We moved to Sunnyside a few months ago. So far, we're loving the neighborhood, but have had some problems finding organic meat. The MET on 43rd Ave sells organic chicken but not beef. Has anyone had any luck finding organic beef or pork anywhere in the neighborhood?

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  1. Ottomaneli in Woodside (not so far away) carries some organic beef, etc. they're on Woodside Ave just E of 61st Street.

    that said, i usually end up getting it in Manhattan (WFM) or at a farmers market (Dines Farms). although i'm not sure that Dines is organic, but it's hormone/antibiotic free and pasture-raised, which is more important to me than organic feed when it comes to meats.