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Breakfast LES maybe not Katzs

Ok for August first time trip- one morning we're going to LES and then up thru Nolito and St Marks for the 15 yo daughter shopping spree.

If we don't eat breakfast around hotel midtown--what are some good choices? Of course- theres Katzs, but besides that- what else is in the area?

I'm thinking Balthazar for lunch, fyi.

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  1. Clinton Street Baking Company!

    1. Prune on 1st Street - really good and the "Prune" juice is fantastic. There's also Falai Panetteria on Clinton and Rivington and the newer Falai outpost on Lafayette near Spring - amazing pastries and nice atmosphere.

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        Is this on a weekend or a weekday?

        Clinton St. serves breakfast/brunch every day and is my #1 destination for weekday breakfast as the lines are super-long on weekends.

        Prune is awesome but only does brunch on the weekends, no weekday breakfast.

      2. I bet your 15 year old daughter would enjoy Schiller's on Rivington and Norfolk for breakfast for people watching and the trendy factor.

        Clinton Street Baking Company is also a great idea.

        1. Clinton St. is a great idea. If you want something quick, Falai Panetteria.

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            Weekday. Schillers menu looks good. Falai not really breakfast, just pastries?? Clinton Street also a possibility. Thanks-- keep the ideas coming!

            Is Vaselka in that area?

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              I haven't been to Falai during the week, so I'm not sure whether they have other offerings. Veselka is in the East Village, about a 10-15 minute walk from Clinton St. and Falai. I prefer Clinton St. to Schiller's.

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                I prefer Clinton to Schiller's, as well.

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                  Thirding that. Clinton St is great. Schiller's is not that great, especially compared to its sister restaurants, Pastis and Balthazar.

                  Here's Falai Panetteria's menu, there's egg dishes, yogurt, other savory dishes:

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                    Clinton St (my personal favorite as well) is better than Schiller's but both surpass Veselka by far.

          2. I prefer Clinton over Schillers as well. Schillers is alot more fun and exciting in the evening. Also, if you are in the neighborhood, there is Sugar Sweet Sunshine (not brunch, but a good snack that will make you and your tummy happy)

            1. Schiller's is nice for an LES pastis type of thing. I like Five Points too. Prune's a nice choice also.

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                Haven't been to Five Points, but I've heard great things.
                Prune scared me when I went for brunch...I hate the name and hated my food...perhaps it was just what I ordered? People seem to rave about it...

                1. re: LFeinberg

                  Five points has a smart Danny Meyer hospitality kind of vibe about it whereas they could easily take a worse attitude about things (especially at hangover brunch). Call in before you go and Five Points brunch is great.

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                  Five Points has a good but often times crowded brunch. The churros with hot chocolate are fantastic, as is the french toast. I've sometimes had service issues though, and sitting in the tables with the high chairs next to the bar can be uncomfortable at times. But the food is quite good and more friendly and accessible than Prune.

                  Prune is quite unique and my opinion is that if your tastes don't align with the owner's then you probably won't like it. That said, there are certain items on the menu (like the oven-baked Dutch pancake or deep-dried Monte Cristo) which are far more impressive than others. I wouldn't go there and order the smoked salmon platter or just some scrambled eggs.

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                    Good replies so far- I think Clinton St now the front runner. Im thinking breakfast earlyish not brunch, as we're doing Balthazar for lunch. I think Im going to run into a stores not being open after breakfast problem tho- if stuff doesn't open til after 10 or 11. Maybe just walk the LES then start shopping/ LES Tenement tour. But want a fairly early breakfast.

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                      Clinton St. I believe is open by 8am. You must try the blueberry pancakes, biscuits and anything with bacon. I would move to Schiller's (walking distance from Clinton St.) after for dessert - their Sticky Toffee Pudding is worth the extra calories which you will probably burn anyway on your way up to the East Village. I concur with an earlier poster's comment about Prune....I just don't get the hype with that place...it's not bad but, just not that great.

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                        Clinton St Baking Co
                        Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm & 6pm-11pm, Sat: 10am-4pm, 6pm-11pm; Sun: 10am-4pm

                        I too love the blueberry pancakes. If you're in a savory mood, get the buttermilk biscuit sandwich with cheese, egg, tomato jam, and bacon.

                3. Cafe Mogador opens pretty early and has a delicious breakfast every day!

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                    I second Mogador's breakfast but would highly recommend the brunch at Freeman's ( www.freemansrestaurant.com ) which was fantastic in a great setting that is young, energetic and fun. Love Clinton st. Baking Company too but the line is always so crazy!

                  2. If you're willing to forego a sit-down breakfast, perhaps hit Russ and Daughters for smoked fish, cream cheese, and bagels. Or you could do a mini-LES breakfast food tour, and hit Kossar's Bialys and Doughnut Plant, in addition to Russ and Daughters. You'd just need to find a park bench afterward to enjoy your goodies.

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                      The Russ & Daughters take-out sandwiches suggestion is a good one. As for where to find a place to sit, I believe there are benches along the center mall on Allen St. (The shop is b/t Orchard & Allen.) Alternatively, there is a small playground three blocks east of Russ, on the corner of Houston & Norfolk, which should have benches.

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                        Isn't First Park nicer than a traffic island? I wouldn't want to hang out in the traffic island in the middle of Allen St., and Norfolk is certainly further than Houston and 1st.

                        1. re: Pan

                          True about First Park. However, if they decide to go to Kossar's and Donut Plant, the Norfolk St. playground would be right on the way. (Note to aviva1: Those two shops are on Grand St, corner Norfolk.)

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                            Im enjoying the back and forth, folks, thank you! I've read about the various places mentioned and want to try them all (or do RGRs vaunted LES tour) but again--one problem (problem?) is the lunch at Balthazar I have planned. Can't eat our way thru the LES all morning and then eat a nice lunch....A late lunch or lite lunch elsewhere sort of out because Im trying to squeeze as many places as I can into our trip so dinner that night will also be large/decent and fairly early (by NY standards) as we are not late night people....