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Apr 25, 2007 06:51 AM

Recommendations for a wedding cake?

I tried searching previous posts but they were all fairly old. From what I could see, people were recommending Dufflet (safe choice I assume) or Red Tea Box. I also saw Shirley Sweet Creations listed a few times. Does anyone have any other (or updated) suggestions? We had a tasting with someone who makes cakes privately and they were horrific! Lovely presentation but the cake was some of the worst I've tasted. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....thanks :)

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  1. Le Delice would get my vote!! They are located in Mississauga I get all my cakes there. If I was getting married again..I'd get them to make it for sure!! Check them out!!

    Le Delice Pastry Shop

    (Lorne Park RD and Queen Victoria AVE)
    Phone: 905-278-9684

    1. Dessert Trends. The most stunning cakes that actually taste good, too.

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        I would heartily recommend my fav place:
        Noisette Pastry Works
        Location: Warden & Steeles in Markham
        We had our wedding cake and subsequently two birthday cakes from Noisette. The owner, Hannah, is fantastic to work with. We always go for the orange-flavoured cake. It has a delicate, subtle hint of orange flavour in a moist, delicious cake. I'll be back for more birthday cakes soon. All the cakes have been gorgeous, but why believe me? Check out the wedding cake gallery on the website for yourself.
        Just an aside: Noisette makes the best banana cake loaf I've ever had and reasonably priced at $6.25 each. Cake prices are fairly competitive too, IMHO.

      2. We got our cake from Marmalade Cake Co. While Helen doesn't have the largest selection of cakes, the taste was great and the price was right (hopefully it wasn't her you already saw).

        Helen was the pastry chef at the AGO before the renovations started, then she decided to go at the cake biz full time. We had a nut allergy in the group so she made the cake in the AGO kitchen to ensure it wasn't contaminated.

        We also sampled Dessert Trends and Shirley's, they were great too but in the end, we just both felt an affinity for Helen.

        1. I'm getting my wedding cake at Yummy Stuff. Their buttercream is to die for.

          1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'll have to call around and set up some tastings - the best part!