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Apr 25, 2007 06:24 AM

Spoon & Fork (Mississauga Location)!!!

Had a good meal last night at Spoon & Fork!!

We went for dinner and had
Thai Spring Roll (2) Mixture with glass noodles, chicken, cabbage, taro, black chinese mushrooms, carrot onions, wrapped in crispy Thai pastry. Served with Thai sweet chilli garlic sauce (they cut them in 1/2 which is nice to share) Springrolls were good and we shared...dipping sauce great!!

Satay- Four skewers of marinated grilled satay your (choice of chicken, beef or lamb) served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad (Again we shared..great dipping sauce!!) we had the chicken very enjoyable!!

Entree's we had
Jumbo Tiger Shrimps and Pacific Scallops in Red Curry Marinated shrimps and scallops grilled in slow temperature with red curry, coconut milk, lychee, mandarin orange and sweet basil (Scallops were a bit underdone but I sent them back and when they returned they were a tad overdone)!! Overall though dish was deeelish!!

Chicken Peanut Sauce (Panang Kai) Sliced lean chicken breast cooked in sweet and sour thick curry peanut, tamarind, coconut and kaffir lime leaves. Lots of sauce but very good tasting...would go nice with a smaller side veg...

We both asked for steamed rice but we instead got the sticky rice which was good as well...
All in all it was another evening enjoyed at Spoon & Fork Mississauga!!!

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  1. Spoon & Fork is the amazing. Was a great addition to Clarkson. I eat there at least 2-3 times a month since they opened at the end of last summer. You must try the oxtail yummy.
    Thai spicy eggplant - not too spicy but very good
    Tamarind Tiger shrimps are sweet & huge & you get the tamarind pods to suck on..mmmmm.
    There pad thai is very good also, have only tried the classic as the other half has some issues with spicy foods.
    The staff is very friendly, service quick & takeout is just as good as eat in.

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    1. re: MiniMom

      I agree Mini about the takeout..We feel the same...Funny but I was going to order the Tamarind Tiger Shrimps but changed at the last mins..Thanks for the time I'll order them lol..can't wait........thanks!!

      1. re: flipkeat

        I take it your from Clarkson area..Ribs for a casual night try Rubicon grill...pretty good..the baby back ones are a decent size and fall pretty much off the bone..the regular pork ribs are good also, And the cesar salad is huge i had that for dinner and was stuffed ..had real bacon bits in it as well not the fake pkgd ones. Have any suggestions for other rests in Clarkson..we seem to be in a bit of a desert here for when your feeling lazy and dont want to travel to far.

        1. re: MiniMom

          Bistro on Clarkson good..give that a try..Look at this!!

          We like the Rubicon yaya...ribs & wings..yaya...Don't like to eat in cause I always find it cold even in winter lol..what can I say?
          As far as other restaurants..have you tried the little Bistro on Lakeshore Rd..just down the street?? It's on the south side...little place looks good..I've not eaten there but I've heard good things about it..Lousy location tho...Hope this helps!!

          1. re: flipkeat

            This is now Bistro Matisse and still a well-polished little culinary gem.

    2. 6 of us went there a few weeks ago and all I can say is...


      1. Two other great places in Clarkson:

        --Mango Rain which is Thai and Indian. Try the cashew chicken. Great naan.

        --Solstice which is primarilt Italian. Good soups. Tty Solstice Penne or pizzas.

        1. Probably the best Thai I have ever had!
          It's been about a year since I was last there.

          1. A friend of mine and I went for dinner last night. We ordered chicken & shrimp pad thai, jumbo tiger shrimps & scallops in red curry, smoked ginger duck.

            Pad thai was nicely done, very easy to eat.
            Our scallops came cooked nicely and we fully enjoyed the curry sauce. We also got a bowl of steamed rice to go with it, and I couldn't get enough of it.
            Last but not least, the duck was so nice and moist. Initially we were gonna go with BBQ curry duck but since we already had red curry in seafood, we decided to go with ginger duck. It was slightly on the saltier side, but overall the dish was great.

            We did order too much for 2 people (we just wanted to try different things) so they offered kindly to wrap up the rest.

            A very pleasant meal. I will return to this location and also check out the other locations.