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Apr 25, 2007 12:07 AM

Need bakery that specializes in 1st birthday cakes, i.e. smash cakes

My daughter is turning 1 in a few weeks and I am looking for a reasonably-priced bakery near West LA that has great-tasting cakes. Also, I really want to get her her own small "smash" cake as well. Any suggestions of bakeries that might fit the bill or specialize in small children's birthday cakes?

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  1. Albertsons makes a great sheet cake..its cheap but tastes sooo good not like that cheap toxic tasting stuff.
    Get the white cake with the white buttercream frosting...I was eating left overs for a week!
    They also give you a free 8" round cake for your babies own smash cake (first year only).
    My daughter turned 1 in january and this was a huge hit.

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    1. re: misstastt

      fill me in: what is a smash cake?

      1. re: TastELA

        its a cake just for the baby to dig their hands into and basically smash..

    2. Hansens cakes & Rosebud cakes are both delicious and can do anything you want in terms of size, design, flavors etc. (Rosebud did an enormous dinosaur cake for our son's 4th that was fantastic to look at & delicious to eat) Both are close enough to wla - Hansens on s fairfax & Rosebud on s robertson.

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        Rosebud just made a delicious cake for my son's first birthday but you should know that since November of last year, they now have a $350 minimum per cake.

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          i'm taking my baby for urasawa instead

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            Whuuuuu? Stunned. I am absolutely stunned.

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              The cake was beautiful and delicious (and my mom's treat) but when we got a cake there a few years ago for my twins first birthday, they didn't have this policy. I would post a photo if I could figure out how-- It was a 3D airplane and it was yummy.

        2. Kids are SO luck these day! We used to get yelled at for eating our own cake with our hands. OK, OK, I was 20 when I tried this, but still...

          ....go for cheap...Costco.

          1. Wow I didn't know there were cakes made especially for baby smashing pleasure. Ah~ The learnings of parenthood.. =)

            1. Frankly, if it's just for the kid to splatter, get a box of duncan hines, a tub of frosting and be done with it. Cheaper, and who cares if it's splattered?

              For the other cake, go to Viktor Benes in Gelson's. reasonable and good, and you can get the mix and frosting for the baby, too. or, just get the kid a big cupcake and stick a few candles in it. She really won't care, she's but a wee tyke.

              Frankly, I find it sort of indulgent and odd, getting a whole cake for the baby to destroy and look cute for the video/pictures/backmail of embarrasmment to show her friends when shes a teenager.

              My mommy always just cut a chunk for me and let me have at it, and served the rest of the cake to the family.

              I mean, heck, I was ONE. I didn't remember not having a big party and thus no hard feelings. it was just the family celebrating, and I'm pretty sure it was fine by me at the time.