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Apr 24, 2007 09:49 PM

Met Giada...

And she was so lovely, normal size head, normal size all over (except abnormally beautiful and petite)...

Posted on my blog...

Anyone else meet her on her recent book tour? Thoughts? I was impressed with her vs. what I see on TV.

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  1. Normal size head? Must have been a decoy! ;) I've never met her, but everything I've read about encounters with her has been positive. She seems to be lacking the diva gene - and that is a very good thing.

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    1. re: stolenchange

      Truly! So friendly...

      Considering she is of Hollywood royalty, has a cooking show and much fame, she is SOOO normal and nice. Refreshing. Renews my love for people. :)

    2. Petite as in short or skinny? or both?

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      1. re: maria_nyc

        "Petite as in short or skinny? or both?"
        funny how we all think of this as so important.
        my husband thinks her head is oversized, I think he's nuts.
        I also think she's lovely.

      2. Huh. I met her a few months ago when she was shooting something at Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building in SF and I thought that she was quite nice. I wouldn't describe her as petite, though from having seen her on television I'd have guessed she was taller than she turned out to be. I also, honestly, thought that her proportions (headwise) were about the same as they appea on television. She also clearly knew her cheese.

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        1. re: ccbweb

          I would gladly throw any of you under a moving bus just to make eye contact with her. I'm just saying...

          1. re: grittys457


            I'd love to meet her and would totally enjoy being invited to one of her girlfriend lunches at her house. I'd love it more if she'd let me cook along side her.
            but bus? please reconsider............

          2. re: ccbweb

            Well, petite is hard to describe. But I am 5' 4 " and about 125 lbs and tend toward muscular/curvy. I also always wear heels.

            Giada seemed about 3-4 inches shorter and 15-20 lbs lighter than me, so I'll guess wildly and say 5'0 up to 5'2 (she also usually is in heels) and about 105-110 lbs.

            Re: head. Her head is equal to hip bone proportion and her smile is HUGE so it all seemed to fit and be lovely. I hate to split hairs when someone is that beautiful...but I guess her smile/head might be big the way Giselle's legs are long??? :)

            She was so honestly engaged with the kids, men, women, chefs, etc. I was nothing but impressed by her AND how gosh darn cute she was. If she wasn't so great I would HATE her for being so near perfect, but instead I just like her more.

          3. Thank god the head size issue has been resolved. (It's probably a camera illusion/angle thing.)

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            1. re: ML8000

              Yeah, it seems to be a camera angle eye lens-ish kind of thing. In person, Giada is just frankly lovely. :)

              1. re: ML8000

                Yeah, I always wondered if it was an angle thing, too. It could also be that her hair's usually done in a semi-poofy way, which could add to the illusion.

                I love her, though, so hooray to the positive review from HomeCookKirsten!

                1. re: geekyfoodie

                  She looks like one of those freaky Bratz dolls

                  1. re: sugarbuzz

                    HA! YES!! That's it!! A Bratz doll with Tony Robbins's teeth.

                  2. re: geekyfoodie

                    Actually part of it is that she has a round/oval shaped head which looks bigger on TV as opposed to a long/narrow face, that a fish-eye lens and it exaggerates things.

                    1. re: ML8000

                      I met Giada at a book signing, and if I could guess her size? Probably size 2, and I am 5'2", she was a bit shorter than me!

                      She appeared very nice, although she kept up waiting for over two hours!
                      She said they lost her luggage at the airport, and wanted to wait until they found it. Since she arrived in a large SUV, with about 3-4 people with her, I thought she should have left her assisant at the airport to find the luggage, and not keep 200 people waiting. But, that's just me.

                2. I met her too and really liked her... luckily I was only #305 in a line of 1200!! (I don't think I would have waited much longer just for an autograph!) But, I've got Sara Moulton's too, so I kind of wanted another. I enjoyed meeting Sara more- I got to spend more time chatting with Sara and it was in a more intimate setting. My favorite part of the evening: they gave away a couple of little prizes and Giada drew the names out. A guy that looked like maybe a junior in high school won a day at a spa (!) and when he came up to get his prize, Giada kissed him on both cheeks- I thought he was going to die on the spot!!! You think she's petite- wait til you meet Sara!! I'm 5'1" (at least I always thought I was, but yesterday at the doctor, they said 5'0", anyway...) and Sara was at least a couple of inches shorter than me!