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Apr 24, 2007 09:38 PM

Coriander closed already (Cgy)

I was on 4th St today and walked by what was Latin Corner and then recently Coriander, some sort of Spanish-Indian fusion attempt, and it's closed! FOR LEASE, signs removed, really sad to see because this place was so new. Oh well.

I had lunch for the first time in many months at Original Joe's- decent burger with some misguided toppings (one too-thick shard of red onion, a pickle SPEAR for some bizarre reason), but man they have good fries there, really excellent, not enough of 'em though.

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  1. A pickle spear... inside the burger?
    4th street has some very bermuda triangle type locations.

    1. i think that Coriander may be reopening elsewhere...i was disappointed as well, they just got a really good review in fast forward. i think they were closed by the time the review was printed.

      original joe's is a usual lunch spot on the weekends for us, but this past weekend we went to wildwood instead and decided that is the burger of choice on 4th st. i had the lamb burger, the boy had the bison burger, both delicious and a nice salad - way healthier than joe's and about the same price, the beer is really good too. I do agree about the fries at joe's, they are tasty.